zondag 24 september 2017

Invisibobble - Tutti Frutti Collection

Invisibobble Tutti Frutti

Everybody knows the Invisibobbles now.
But did you also know that sometimes Invisibobble releases some limited edition collections?
I am proud to present you 'Invisibobble Tutti Frutti', a collection that will bring back the summer feeling in no time!

Invisibobble Tutti Frutti

For the people that don't know Invisibobble yet, i will give some information about this revolutionary hair tie.

Invisibobble Tutti Frutti

Invisibobble is the first hair tie that will not leave your hair with kinks and split ends.
There are 3 different sizes (original, power and nano) in the Invisibobble range, so you will find the size that matches your perfect hairdo.

Invisibobble Tutti Frutti

Invisibobble hair ties are also very easy to use, you just use them as any other hair tie and your look is set!
You can match your Invisibobble with your outfit, hair color,....

Invisibobble Tutti Frutti

When your Invisibobble doesn't have the original shape you bought it in anymore,
just hold it under some hot water and it will restore itself and it will be ready to use again!

Invisibobble Tutti Frutti

‘What a Melon’, ‘Pineappeal’, ‘Lime Time’ and ‘Cherry Chérie’ all come in 3, 
with in each package an Invisibobble with a charm that will cheer up your hairdo.
And off course the Invisibobble with the charm is also gorgeous as a bracelet.

Invisibobble Tutti Frutti

Here I am wearing the Invisibobbles Tutti Frutti as matching armcandy with my ponytail.
I love these Invisibobbles so much, you can not believe it!
I am not using any other hair ties since I got myself these pretty Invisibobbles.

Invisibobble Tutti Frutti

These Invisibobbles are now available for € 5,95.
Be sure to get yours quickly, because I think they will be sold out soon as they are so cute.

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zondag 17 september 2017

Estee Lauder - Pure Color Envy Matte

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte

Lipstick addict as I am, I am always so curious when a brand launches some new formulas and colors.
Latest newbies for me are the Pure Color envy lipsticks by Estee Lauder that are released in various matte textures.
I got 2 fomulas of these lipsticks and I am so excited to show them to you, my lovely reader.
So sit back, and enjoy this blogpost about these pretty babies.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte is a new collection of matte lipsticks in 3 different finishes:
metallic matte, sheer matte and velvet matte.
Myself, I have a metallic matte and a sheer matte lipstick that I will be showing in this blogpost.

This Pure Color Envy Matte collection will transform your lips with the amazing pigmentation. 
These lipsticks will absolutely turn some heads when you're wearing these, they look stunning!

The Pure Color Envy Mattes are sensually soft, luxurious and pleasant to wear.
The lipsticks are enriched with hyaluronic acid and an hydrating complex.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte

This lipstick is as I said extremely pigmented and very smooth to apply. 
With one swirl you have all the color you need on your lips.
This will make the result while wearing this lipstick: light, even and an intense, ultra matte color.

The coral lipstick you can see in the picture above is a Pure Color Envy Sheer Matte in the color Fresh Danger.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte

This red color on the picture is the Pure Color Envy Metallic Matte in the color Passion Patina. 
I really like this colors, for me it is perfect for every occasion to wear.
Every girl needs a nice red shade in hr lipstick collection, right?

Pure Color Envy Matte is available in 29 different colors in the 3 different finishes: sheer, metallic and velvet matte.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte

The Pure Color Envy Lipsticks by Estee Lauder are now available for € 35,90.

The Pure Color Envy Metallic Matte and Velvet Matte lipsticks can be bought at any Estee Lauder official seller,
Pure Color Envy Sheer Matte lipsticks are sold exclusively on Estee Lauder's website.

What do you think about these new matte lipsticks?
Do you prefer matte lipstick or a matte liquid lipstick?

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donderdag 14 september 2017

OxY extensions - Clip-In Hair extensions

This is a picture of me with my natural hair so you can compare my hair with and without  OxY extensions.

Some of us girls, are blessed with amazing hair. 
Unfortunately, I don't belong to those fortunate girls. 
used to have great hair, but I started bleaching and coloring my hair 6 years agowhich off course didn't help. 
I have short hair, that won't grow any longer. No matter what care treatments I use. 
For those girls, luckily hair extensions are invented. 

Today I am showing you guys an amazing website I discovered to buy yourself clip-in extensions. 
Why clip-in extensions? 
Myself, I like changing the way I look a lot. 
One day I want short hair, the day after I want long hair. 
That's why clip-in extensions are the best solution for me.
 You can chance you look every day and it doesn't damage your natural hair like sewed in extensions.

The site I am really satisfied about is by OxY Extensions .
This site is so organized and clear, it really is easy to find the product you are searching for.

Off course there are many hair extensions sites available, 
so why should you choose for OxY Extensions?  
I am giving you 6 good reasons why you should order on this website: 

1) Immediate length 

You want to grow your hair just like me but your length won't go as long as you wished? 
You cut your hair and miss your long hair?  
Well extensions are perfect to create instant length in your hairdo! 

2) Volume like never before 

When you have very thin hair without any volume, you can use extensions to create more volume in your hairdo. 
In only 5 minutes you have that Hollywood volume you've always wanted. 

3) No damage  

Like I mentioned before, sewed in extensions can really damage your own natural hair. 
But with clip-in extensions from OxY you won't have that damaged hair! 
You just clip them in whenever and wherever you want and your natural hair will keep on growing like it used to before. 

4) Very light  

I have to admit, there are a lot of clip-in extensions on the market so what does make the OxY extensions differently? 
Well these extensions are so light that you won't feel them when they're clipped in! 
I like this feature a lot because too heavy extensions really cause some serious headaches for me. 

5) Invisible 

It doesn't matter what angle you're looking from, you won't see the difference between real hair and the OxY extensions. 

6) Service 

This is even the most important plus for me. 
The service provided by OxY extensions is just amazing. 
What question you might have, OxY extensions is right there for you to help you out. 
Even if you have ordered the wrong extensions (length, weight, color), you can return them to change them into the extensions you dreamed of.
What a service right! 

If you like ordering your OxY extensions, you can buy them here. 
There are a lot of promotions on their website right now so be sure to check it out! 

Have you ever tried clip-in extensions before? 
If you haven't would you try them out?

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