zondag 27 augustus 2017

Guerlain - Kiss Kiss Matte

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Matte

 As some of you might know, I am a HUGE fan of the brand Guerlain.
You can imagine how excited I got when I received this package by Guerlain with the new Kiss Kiss Matte lipsticks in.
Let's discover two shades of the new range in this blogpost together.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Matte

This season, Guerlain wants to put an accent op the lips
They want the lips to look smooth and flawless, almost if they got Photoshopped.
They want to give the lips an intense color with great pigments, but they don't like seeing dry lips.
That's why Guerlain created this new Kiss Kiss Matte lipstick.
This is a high pigmented lipstick, that even hydrates the lips a little bit.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Matte

I hear you thinking 'A matte lipstick that hydrates the lips as weel, how is that possible?'.
Well, Guerlain has always been an innovative brand, and yes they have don it again this time.
These Kiss Kiss Matte lipsticks contain hyaluronic acid and Nigella-oil. 
These are two active ingredients that will keep your lips moisturized and even look fuller.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Matte

Do you see this packaging?
That's why I love Guerlain too, their products always look and feel so luxurious.
This lipstick is packaged in the iconic Kiss Kiss packaging, but it is gold AND matte this time.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Matte

Now let's talk about the colors,
As I mentioned above, I got two colors:
- M 348 Hot Coral
- M 377 Wild Plum

As the name tells us, it is a gorgeous coral shade and a darker plum shade.
Curious about the swatches?
Check them out below.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Matte

These swatches are just one swipe of the lipstick, I absolutely love the pigmentation!
I also have very dry lips so I was curious about this 'hydrating matte lipstick'.
And I have to be honest, I am even more in love with Guerlain now.
I can finally wear a matte lipstick without my lips feeling like cracked paper :D

This collection contains 9 must-have shades with amazing pigmentation.
One application is enough to obtain the color and coverage you need on your lips.
Isn't that amazing?

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Matte is now available at all the official Guerlain sellers for €40,00.

Which one is your favourite shade out of these two?

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dinsdag 15 augustus 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat & Vice Fuel Lipstick

Urban Decay Naked Heat

I've been waiting for quite some time now, 
and finally it's here!
Meet my two new babies that joined my makeup family: 
Urban Decay Naked Heat palette and Vice Fuel Lipstick.

Urban Decay Naked Heat

Urban Decay launched 12 brand new shades, that are hotter than before.
There are some amber-hued neutrals, including warm browns, burnt oranges and rich siennas.
This is a palette that Urban Decay really missed in their collection.

Urban Decay Naked Heat

Urban Decay Naked Heat

This palette has more matte than shimmery shades and I love it!
This palette really surprised me with the quality of the pigmentation.
The swatches of these colors can be found at the end of this blogpost.

With this palette you can create a warm toned daytime look, or an intensely smokey nighttime look and even everything in between.
This palette really is a musthave!

Urban Decay Naked Heat Fuel Lipstick

But of course to finish of a look you also need lipstick.
That is why I bought myself this pretty lady: Vice Lipstick Fuel.
This is a cream lipstick that comes in a special packaging.
The sleeve of this lipstick is also 'heat inspired' because it also has that warm orange color.

Urban Decay Naked Heat swatches

The swatches are really just one swipe with my finger.
As you can see the colors are really pigmented and I just love every single one of them.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Youtube

On my YouTube channel (sorry but that one is Dutch), I also created a look with this palette. If you would like to check it out, you can do that here.

Urban Decay Naked Heat is now available at the UD counters, be quick and get your palette!

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette -  € 54,90
Vide Lipstick Fuel - € 19,90

What do you think about this palette?
Are you going to get it yourself?

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zondag 13 augustus 2017

L'Oréal Professionnel - Mythic Oil

In 2017 Mythic Oil has changed!
I will now show you 3 of the 4 new Mythic Oil products that will give you a blessed experience when  you're using these oils.

Mythic Oil contains concentrated oils and in particular ,
4 ultra concentrated natural oils (fair trade!)
and 26% (Argan oil, cranberry oil, abricot oil, almond oil and sesame oil.
These ingredients give you a multi sensory experience.
Let's take a closer look at these oils.

What is the effect that all these oils have?
- Heatprotection up to 230°
- UV Filter and protection for coloured hair
- Give hair a nice shine, smooth feeling and structure
- Protection from moist
- a non-greasy finish

Mythic Oil - Huile Radiance

First up is the Mythic Oil Huile Radiance, this is a oil that will make your high shine.
This oil contains a high concentration of argan oil and cranberry oil.

This oil is recommended on coloured hair, to give you hair the shine that it deserves.

How to use?

You just need to pump 1 or 2 pumps of this oil in the palm of your hands.
Warm the product between your hands and divide it onto the lengths of your hair.
Do not wash this oil out of your hair!

Mythic Oil - Huile Scintillante

This Mythic Oil is my favourite!
It is a shimmering oil that can be used on your hair and body, I prefer to use it on my body because I don't really like shimmery hair, but that's just my personal preference.

This oil contains a high concentration of Sesame and Almond Oil.

How to use?

You want to give your skin a radiant glow?
Just massage the oil with gentle motions on your body.
If you also like to apply it on your hair, just take the rest that is left on your hands after 'massaging' your body, and put it on the lengths and points of your hair.
This oil won't give your hair a greasy look and the oil is non sticky.
Don't wash the oil out and just leave it in.

When you apply this oil, al delicious perfume will reach your senses. I love it!

Mythic Oil - Huile Richesse

This is a oil that will take care of rebellious hair.
It contains a high concentration of Abricot and Argan Oil.

What this oil will do, is control your hair.
When it feels like your hair is living it's own live, 
this is the Mythic Oil you need!

How to use?

You just need to pump 1 or 2 pumps of this oil in the palm of your hands.
Warm the product between your hands and divide it onto the lengths of your hair.
Do not wash this oil out of your hair!

These oils are only available at L'Oréal Professionnel Hairdressing salons.
These Mythic Oils are sold for € 27,40 each.

I am a fan of the Huile Scintillante for the body and the Huile Radiance for my hair.
Which oil would you prefer to use?

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dinsdag 8 augustus 2017

Essence - Fall/Winter Nails Collection

When July is over, the sales are also over.
But that means also there are a lot of new things coming into our favourite stores.
And guess what, Essence sent me a preview of what to expect in their new collection.
Every day I am showing you guys some newbies that are joining the Essence makeup assortiment.
Today I am going over the new nail products.
 I already reviewed the new lip products in this blogpost, and the new face&eye products in Yestersday's post.

Metal Shock Nail Powder - € 2,99

OMG! That were the first letters I could think of when I saw this release.
I've been a duochrome fan since the trend started a while ago.
Now Essence is following that trend and they are releasing their on powder.

You just need to appy the nail powder when the nail polish underneath is still a little bit damp.
Rub it on softly with your fingers.
One layer of the powder gives a very soft mirror affect, but if you really wan those 'Instagram Nails', then you should apply 2 or even 3 layers of it and it will look stunning.

These metal powder will come in 6 different shades, I can't wait to try them all!

Metal Shock Sealing Top Coat - € 2,99

After applying your metal powder onto your nails, you need to seal the powder with this metal shock sealing top coat.
It can also be used on any other nail polish as a normal top coat.

Brushed metals nail polish - € 1,99
Nails in Vibrant metal shades, that is what Essence is expecting during the Fall and Winter season.
That is why they launched these brushed metal nail polishes.
They will come with satin, matte or sand effects in the coolest shades!
The color on the picture above is 05 - I'm cool with it

Holo Rainbow nail polish - € 2,89
Essence will launch 5 different shades with a holographic look and some sparkles,
that will make your nails shine!
The color on the picture above is 01- Hello Holo

What do you think about the new nail launched?
Are you as excited as me for the duo chrome powder?

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maandag 7 augustus 2017

Essence - Fall/Winter Face & Eyes Collection

Essence new makeup

When July is over, the sales are also over.
But that means also there are a lot of new things coming into our favourite stores.
And guess what, Essence sent me a preview of what to expect in their new collection.
Every day I am showing you guys some newbies that are joining the Essence makeup assortiment.
Today I am going over the new face and eye products.
Yesterday I reviewed the new lip products in this blogpost.

Essence concealer palette

Correct to perfect cc concealer palette - € 3,59

This color correcting concealer palette has 4 shades to cover up everything you don't want to be seen anymore.
So which color you use for what kind of problem?

Green concealer can be used to cover up redness.
Yellow concealer is perfect to hide purple ( like in dark circles) or bruises.
Purple/Blue can be used to hide unwanted yellow undertone of your skin.
When you have a pale skintone, please don't touch the orange concealer.
This one is perfect for darker skintypes to cover up spots or dark circles.

I really like working with these concealers, apart from the orange one, that one I will probably never use because it won't do anything on my skin that will make my skin look better.

Essence fresh fit primer

Fresh & Fit awake primer - € 3,59

This primer can be used alone, or under your foundation.
This light texture that also reflects light will make your skin look more even, smooth and fresh.
Plus point is, that is will also make your makeup last longer.
This primer contains vitamines and cranberry water, which gives it an amazing fragrance as well!

essence metal chrome blush

Metal Chrome Blush - € 2,99

This is a soft metallic blush that contains soft pigments in rosé gold, copper and bronze.
This blush gives your cheeks a soft metal glow that looks amazing.

essence metal chrome blush swatch

This metal chrome blush is available in 3 different shades, the on one the swatch above is
10 - My name is gold, rosé gold.

esssence prismatic hololighter

Prismatic hololighter stick - € 3,59

This is a handy highlighting stick with a cool undertone (YES! Finally).
this highlighter stick has a holographic finish on your skin and will make your skin look very healthy.
I absolutely love it!

Tip for you:
Be careful when using this, because my stick fell out of the tube because I was over enthusiastic. 
So be careful when you open this stick so the highlighter won't fall out ;)

essence prismatic hololighter stick swatch

The color used on this swatch is 10 - be unique be a unicorn

essence vibrant shock

 Vibrant Shock Lach & Brow Gel Mascara - € 2,89

This Gel-mascara can add color onto your lashes or your brows.
It has a metallic effect which is so cool!
I wasn't able to make a swatch picture with this one on my brows, because my camera wouldn't focus.
But believe me, this is a musthave if you like experimenting with color!

essence metal eyeshadow

Metal Shock Eyeshadow - € 3,59

Essence will be releasing some very high pigmented cream eyeshadows with a metallic finish.
I am absolutely sure when you use this eyeshadow, it will make your eyes pop!
I love the texture and love the colors, I will be getting myself some more of these when they are available in stores!

essence metal eyeshadow swatch

The color you can see in the swatch here above, is the color 04 - supernova.

essence superlast eyeliner

 Superlast eyeliner - € 2,89
Instant volume boost mascara (smudge proof and intense black) - € 2,99

And off course you can complete your look with some eyeliner and mascara.

What is your favourite eye and/or face product out of this list?

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zondag 6 augustus 2017

Essence - Fall/Winter Lip Collection

Essence fall winter makeup

When July is over, the sales are also over.
But that means also there are a lot of new things coming into our favourite stores.
And guess what, Essence sent me a preview of what to expect in their new collection.
Every day I am showing you guys some newbies that are joining the Essence makeup assortiment.
Today I am going over the new lip products.

Essence fall winter makeup

Lips go WOW! lip art palette - € 3,59

This is a lip palette with cream-to-powder textures and matte effects.
You can use these colors as they are, or you can bend them and make your own customized lip color.

Want to do something really crazy?
Just apply your favourite lipstick and use some colors out of this palette to make a top coat for your lipstick.

This palette comes in 3 varieties.
The one shown above is 01- Show'em Your Style/

Essence fall winter makeup

Metal Shock Lip Paint - € 3,39

Metallic and glossy lips are so trendy right now.
These metallic lip paints are very shiny and feel very silky onto your lips.
These metallic lip paints will make your lips shine as never before!
I really liked the texture of this lip paint, and I will be buying more colors of this collection!

Essence fall winter makeup

The color you see here above is the color 04 - Mercury.

Essence fall winter makeup

Ultra last instant colour lipstick - € 2,39

Essence lipsticks always combine high coverage and great colors in one lipstick!
You will have extremely good coverage on your lips, without the lipstick feeling to heavy on your lips.
It feels like you're not wearing anything at all!
The formula of the lipstick is little bit creamy, so it doesn't dry our your lips.
I am an absolute fan!
I even found a lip pencil that goes with this new lipstick, take a look at my swatch down below.

Essence fall winter makeup

The lipstick I used here is Ultra Last Instant Colour Lipstick
in the color 05- SO UN - GREY - TFULL,
and the lip pencil is the soft contouring lipliner in the color 11 - Sucker for grey.

Essence fall winter makeup

Kiss the... Lipstick - € 1,99

One of my favourite lip products, are the 'Kiss the...' lipsticks.
These are lipsticks that come in a vibrant color, but they won't be as vibrant on your lips.
This lipstick reacts to the pH-value of your lips and make the lipstick turn into your own special color.
My 'Kiss The Frog' lipstick turned out soft pink and I really like it.

Essence fall winter makeup

Off course there is more coming but I only show the products I really tested out myself so keep an eye on the Essence counter.

What do you think about the new lip releases?
Which product is your favourite?

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