La Roche Posay Summer Essentials

la roche posay review

In this blogpost I will be showing you guys my summer musthaves by La Roche Posay.
These are all products I recommend taking with you on a holiday.
Let's take a look.

la roche posay review

La roche posay Lipikar gel lavant

 It all starts with the Lipikar Cleansing Gel.
This cleansing gel cleanses your face but it does it very gently and even protects the sensitives skins among us.
It can be used on everyone, 
even on babies (because on holidays things might get dirty in the sand and stuff :D)
This cleansing gel respects your natural Ph of your skin and doesn't affect your eyezone, which makes it very comfortable to use this Lipikar Cleansing gel.

la roche posay hydraphase intense légère

Next up I have this Hydraphase Intense Légère.
This is a cream that hydrates your skin intensely, and it does it 24 hours!
Your skin becomes smoother, fuller and visibly radiant thanks to the formula with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid.
It doesn't feel sticky at all, which I really like a lot.
That's why this cream is called légère, this is a French word for 'light', 
because this cream really has a light texture.

la roche posay cicaplast baume spf50

Going into the sun with damaged skin?
Recently got tattoos, abrasions, a dermatological treatment? 
Then you should think of this Cicaplast baume SPF50.

Why an SPF50?
A damaged skin that is in the sun needs to be soothed, repaired but most important it has to be protected.
With this cream you have it all in one tube: protecting, soothing and repairing your skin never was so easy!
Best part is, this Cicaplast baume also prevents dark spots to appear because of the SPF50.

What products do you take with you on holiday?


  1. I have the Cicaplast baume, awesome for when I need to be in the sun when I'm doing my acne treatment! I also love cleansers that are gentle on the eyes :)

  2. De Cicaplast is echt onmisbaar voor mij!


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