Travel Guide - Veet Sensitive Precision

Veet sensitive precision

Day 3 of my Travel Guide.
Another important thing we have to take care of when we go on holiday: hairs.
Yes, no matter what we have to do some epilation and that's where this product comes in handy.
Meet the Veet Sensitive Precision.

Veet sensitive precision

When opening the package of this product, we see a battery (yes it is included!).
And some pieces to fit on this tool.
Let's talk about the function of each and every tool that comes in this package.

Veet sensitive precision

Here you see the Veet Sensitive Precision and all the tools taken out of the plastic packaging.
I love how pink everything is.
I really am a girly girl (duuh because I love makeup and stuff :D), 
so I really like the pink touch this Veet has.

Now let's take a look at all the tools that are included and where we can use them for.

Veet Sensitive Precision

Veet Sensitive Precision

The first tool includedis this small trimming head.
It comes with an eyebrow comb.
You can place this onto your eyebrow and move it against the hair growth.

You can also remove the eyebrow comb and use the precision trimmer to shape your eyebrows.
Lightly push the trimmer against your skin and move with small motions.

Veet Sensitive Precision

This large trimer you can use to trim your intimate zone, your bikini line.
Press the Veet Sensitive Precision Tool softly against your skin and move against the hair growth.
The rasor blades will not touch your skin, so you don't have the risk of harming and cutting yourself.

Veet Sensitive Precision

When you want to trim the length of some hairs, you can do so with the large trimmer and its comb.
Use this comb and choose the length you would like to go for and just work your magic.

My Thoughts?

I really like this multifunctional tool that is easy to take with you.
I also like the fact that this tool is very soft for your skin, I really had no wound when trimming and it felt great!
I really think everyone should have this tool as an essential everyday AND holiday tool.

What do you think about this Veet Sensitive Precision Tool?
Have you tried it before or will you try it anytime soon?


  1. I have a silképil and a facial trimmer but this seems like a great multi functional product!

  2. Fijn dat dit product zo multifunctioneel is!


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