Happy Mothers Day with Roger et Gallet

Roger et Gallet Gingembre Rouge

It's that time of the year again, today it is Mothers Day.
And Roger et Gallet created a special gift to give our lovely mothers.

Roger et Gallet Gingembre Rouge

As you can see, the gift is packaged in an amazingly gorgeous box.
It is a white box that is decorated with golden details.

As you can see there is the text 'Ambre & Louise' written on it.
But what does that mean?

Ambre& Louise are jewelry designers. They play with different textures, ornaments, materials,...
They made this gift for Mothers Day exclusive and a nice gift to give away.

Roger et Gallet Gingembre Rouge

What is the inspiration of this box?

Well, Ambre&Louise thought about the old design of Roger et Gallet boxes.
They were often decorated with a lot of flowers.
But Ambre&Louise wanted to involve their inspiration for faitytales as well.

So they made these golden flowers in relief.
This box also reminds us of a jewelry box.
So the box can be used after opening again.

Roger et Gallet Gingembre Rouge

In this gift box there is off course a gift.
In this box there is a Gingembre Rouge perfume and the deo roller with the same fragrance.
I absolutely love this fragrance, it is a flowery scent with a touch of sweetness.

Roger et Gallet Gingembre Rouge

This box is still available for a limited time only (in case you forgot to buy you mother a gift).
This box comes in 4 Roger et Gallet fragrances:

- Gingembre Rouge
- Bois d'Orange
- Fleur de Figuier
- Fleur d'Osmanthus

What did you give your mother on her special day?


  1. Prachtige doos hé! Ik had voor mijn mama de Fleur d'Osmanthus geur gekozen en die was ook erg lekker.

  2. Omg that box!! And nothing yet we celebrate in August because we live in Antwerp ;)


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