zondag 30 april 2017

La Roche Posay - Eau Micellaire Ultra

 A cleansing water that contains no parabens, no alcohol, no dye and no soap.
A cleansing water that removes makeup, dirt and pollutant particals in just one wipe?
That's what this new Eau Micellair by La Roche Posay is.
Discover everything about it in this new blogpost.

La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra

As some of you might have seen on my Instagram Stories, 
I have gotten this Eau Micellaire Ultra by La Roche Posay last week.
I posted an unboxing video on my Instagram because I had to try it out before writing this blogpost.
But is was too excited so I had to share that video.

I never tried something by La Roche Posay before so I was really curious about this product.
I got a 750 ml bottle of this product, which really surprised me as this really is a huge bottle.
But hey, that means there's more product to love!

La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra

When women cleanse their face, they want two things:
- remove makeup
- deep cleaning
But when we pursue these effects, often our skin gets irritated, especially when you have a sensitive skin like me.
That's why La Roche Posay created a new cleansing tool for those women who suffer from irritation.

La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra

Facial cleansers that remove visible makeup and impurities often do not go far enough.
After all, there still are small pollutant particles on the skin that we pick up in our daily life.
These particles provide stress to our skin and irritation.
So we really need a good clenaser that removes makeup, impurities AND those particles.
And that's where La Roche Posay steps in.

La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra

This micellar water by La Roche Posay removes makeup, pollution particles and dirt on your skin.
But that's not all.
It also soothes and hydrated your skin.
This product soothes your skin thanks to a legendary ingredient that is used in each product of La Roche Posay: Thermal Water.
It hydrated you skin thanks to the ingredient called glycerin.

How to use La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra?

It is very easy, just take a cotton pad and put some product on it.
Gently wipe it onto the area you want to clean and you're done.
You can use this product on face, eyes and lips.
A real all-in-one product.

La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra

I really enjoyed using this product. 
A plus for me is that La Roche Posay uses the minimal amount of plastic into their packaging.
By having such a large bottle (750 ml) this really feels more ecologic to me.
I really liked the effect of this product, my skin felt very soft after cleansing and I did not have that typical itchy feeling as usual.
I really noticed the hydrating effect of this cleansing water.

This micellar water is available for all different skintypes, but I really was happy they have given me one for a sensitive skin.
There are also different sizes available when you don't feel like getting such a big bottle.

La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra 200 ml - € 13,50
La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra 400 ml - € 16,50
La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra 750 ml - € 20,90

La Roche Posay is sold by your local pharmacy and selected La Roche Posay distributors.
You can find your own La Roche Posay selling point on their website.

How do you feel about using a cleansing water?
Have you tried out La Roche Posay products before?

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woensdag 26 april 2017

Dior - J'adore InJoy Perfume

J'adore In Joy

J'adore InJoy, is a new emotion added to the Dior J'adore family.
An emotion that awakens all your senses.
A happy and lively perfume.
 An ode to life, a perfume that stands for fun.

With Mothers Day coming soon this might be the perfect gift for your lovely mom.

Are you curious? 
Let's discover this new fragrance together in this post.

J'adore In Joy

J'adore In Joy

As usual with the Dior J'adore fragrances, the bottle has had the same inspiration as the previous.
The J'adore Dior bottle is inspired on an '8' silhouette.
Silhouette 8 was also the name of the first Dior collection in 1947.
'Figure 8' is a name that suggested the silhouette of the new looks with their prominent shoulder, accentuaded hips and small waist.

J'adore In Joy

Dior J'adore InJoy perfume has a golden peachy touch of color.
This already is an indication of the ingredients in this perfume ;)

J'adore In Joy

François Demachy (nose of the house Dior) found his inspiration for this new perfume in his fantasy.
This perfume is the representation of dreamed flower in his imagination.

This particular dreamed flower is built up out of 3 accords:

- A suprisingly fresh salty chord
- Exotic Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine
- Fruity and flowery peach

These ingredienst make Dior J'adore Injoy a happy, sensual and beautiful perfume.
J'adore In Joy

 Dior J'adore InJoy gives you an instant feeling of pleasure.
This perfume is not one you only smell, but you really can feel the joy.

Dior J'adore InJoy 100 ml - € 115,00

What do you think about this new addition to the J'adore family?
Have you ever tried a J'adore perfume before?

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zondag 23 april 2017

Lancome - Advanced Genifique Serum

Lancome Genifique serum

What if we could reactivate our youth with a serum?
I would run to the store, and get me that product!
Meet Lancome advanced Genifique, a youth activating concentrate.

Lancome Genifique serum

Lancome Genifique serum

Lancome advanced Genifique is a revolutionair discovery in science.
This concentrate decrypts a secret code for a youthfull skin through its visible and touchable features.
You can SEE the results and FEEL them as well in only 7 days!

Lancome Genifique serum

How it works

Lancome Genifique concentrate reduces fine lines and deeper wrinkles, increases your healthy glow on your skin.
But this concentrate also evens out your skin tone and improves its texture.
The elasticity of the skin will increase but also the firmness of your skin won't disappoint you.

So as I said before, this concentrate just brings back out youth on our skin.

Lancome Genifique serum

How to use it

Start your daily beauty routine by taking 3 drops of Genifique concentrate and evenly apply it on your face and neck.
Massage the serum gently with your fingertips.
After massaging your face and neck your skin will feel very comfortable and more firmed.

Lancome Genifique serum

I am using this serum everyday, but I am only 24 years old. 
My youth is not going to come back (or it has to give me a babyface), but I have to say this serum really feels good and so soft on your skin.

Lancome Genifique is available in 30 ml, 50 ml, 75 ml and 100 ml.

Lancome advanced Genifique 30 ml - € 64,95

Do you use a serum in your daily beauty routine?
Which one do you use?

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woensdag 19 april 2017

Beauty News : How to put on sunscreen after your makeup

How to put sunscreen after makeup

You know the drill, on a sunny morning you put your daycream, sunscreen and makeup and you're ready to go out.
But it is proven that after two hours your spf needs to be re-applied.
How do we put sunscreen after our makeup?

I'm writing this blogpost because I got a comment on my previous blogpost that was interesting.
My lovely follower, Christine (who also has a blog), asked what you should do after your makeup.
It is not practical at all to remove your makeup after two hours, re-apply sunscreen and start all over again.
The fact is we we still need to be protected.
So I will give you guys some options to re-apply sunscreen after your makeup.

How to put sunscreen after makeup

There are several options to apply sunscreen over your foundation.
First I'm telling you about some obvious options:

A powder with SPF in it (f.e. Clinique Mineral powder SPF30)
A foundation with SPF in it (almost every foundation has an SPF nowadays)

But my favourites were already shown on the pictures:

 invisible sunscreen sprays

I use these sprays a lot and they are available in different spf's.
I have a SPF30 by Lancaster and a SPF50 by Filorga.
They are clear mists, comparable to mists like a setting spray or a refreshing spray.
You just need to spray them over your makeup and you're protected for the next 2 hours.
There's nothing easier to me than these sprays.

Do you put on SPF troughout the day?
What kind of products do you use?

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zondag 16 april 2017

Biotherm - Blue Therapy Multi-Defender

Most signs of skin aging are caused by external influences.
A lot of creams protect our skin only for 25% of these influences.
But now we have a multi-defender created by Biotherm.
Meet Biotherm Blue Therapy Multi-Defender.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Multi-Defender SPF20

Biotherm created a unique formula of unknown protection en a visible improvement of the aging of our skin.
The best part of this new formula, is that it gives your skin a complete protection.
Biotherm Bleu Therpay Multi-Defender protects your skin from UVB, UVA and  pollution.

A big plus for me is that this product contains an SPF 25.
This means your skin will be protected from damage caused because of the sun.
Remember you should put new SPF on every 2 hours to stay protected.

Because of the known Algae of Youth complex (that Biotherm uses often in their Blue Therapy products) visible signs of aging will be improved.

So what are the visible signs that this cream improves?
Well those signs are: dark spots, deep wrinkles and a lack of  firmness.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Multi-Defender SPF20

There are two textures available of the new Biotherm Blue Therapy Multi-Defender. 
One for a dry skintype and one for normal/combination skintype.

I have the norma/combination skintype here.
And the texture is amazing.
It feels like a fresh and smooth cream.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Multi-Defender SPF20

You can use this cream daily after cleansing.
You can use this cream also on your neck, but you really should avoid the area around your eyes.

If you would like to use a cream around your eyes, you can always use Biotherm Blue Therapy Eyes.

Biotherm  Blue Therapy Multi-Defender SPF20 50ml  -  € 59,95

How do you feel about daycreams with SPF?

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woensdag 12 april 2017

Beauty News : Why using primers?

I see it often, a lot of inspirational makeup guru's using primers.
But then I wonder, why should I use a primer?
Well, let me give you a short list with some reasons.

Why using primers

1. A primer fixates your foundation

A primer is forms a base where you can apply your foundation onto.
The primer makes sure your foundation will adhere itself better on your skin so your foundation  will look flawless during the entire day.

2. A primer reduces pores, wrinkles and imperfections

When you have a oily or combination skin, often your pores are shown when you apply foundation.
But not when you use a primer.
A primer gives a 'filling' layer that will avoid that your foundation runs into your pores or wrinkles.
When you use a primer, your skin immediately look smoother so your imperfections are less visible.

Why using primers

3. A primer reflects light

Because a primer makes your skin even and smooth, the light will be reflected even better.
It will look like your skin glows.
Because of this glow fine lines and wrinkles aren't so visible anymore.

4. A primer has a colour correction effect

There are a lot of primers out there, also primers with a colour correction effect.
Myself, I use a green primer to hide the redness my skin naturally has.

Why using primers

5. A primer has a mattifying effect

For an oily or combination skin this really is a musthave.
A lot of primers have a mattifying effect so your skin won't get shiny during the day.

Do you have a favourite primer?
I showcased my favourites in the pictures above.

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zondag 9 april 2017

Clarins pores & mattyfing kit

Clarins created a handy kit that is your perfect ally for a beautiful, smooth and matte skin.
Your tone will look perfect in all circumstances.
Discover Clarins pores & mattyfing kit in this blogpost.

Clarins pores & mattyfing kit

Today was a sunny day, but some people don't like such days because your skin doesn't look as flawless as normally.
For those days, and oily skin, you can use this life-saving kit by Clarins.

Clarins pores & mattyfing kit

Clarins pores & mattyfing kit

Clarins created a handy kit that is your ally for a beautiful, smooth and matte skin.
Your tone will look perfect in all circumstances.

Clarins pores & mattyfing kit

This kit is created for all women, with a normal to combination/oily skin who are looking for a smooth, matte finish of their skin and less visible pores.

Clarins pores & mattyfing kit

Your tone is under control with this 2-in-1 product that you can take with you everywhere you go.
You have a silky soft powder that will reduce your pores visible an make your skin smoother.

Clarins pores & mattyfing kit

There is also some blotting paper included in this set, and best of all: you can even buy recharges of these!

Clarins pores & mattyfing kit

Clarins pores & mattyfing kit

Clarins pores & mattyfing kit

How to use this kit?

First you take one of the blotting papers to take the excess sebum that is on your skin.
You continue by mattifying the skin with the silky soft powder.
There is also a sponge included in this kit by Clarins that you can use to apply the powder.

Pores & mattifying kit - € 45,00
Mattifying papers refill - € 20,00

What do you think about this 2-in-1 kit?
Would you use a kit like this one?

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woensdag 5 april 2017

Urban Decay Full Frontal Reloaded Set

Perfect for lipstick junkies or anyone who can’t seem to decide which shade of Vice to get first, this set has something for everyone. 
This Urban Decay Full Frontal Reloaded set is a real musthave for every lipstick addict or Urban Decay fan.

Urban Decay lipstick vault

Omg I got so lucky, I really did!
I went to Germany with my mother to do some shopping, and I got myself this last Urban Decay Full Frontal Reloaded set in the shop 'Douglas'.
It was a show model, and when I saw it, I immediately fell in love.

Urban Decay lipstick vault

Full Frontal Reloaded Vice Lipstick Stash comes in a sleek black display box with a magnetic closure. 
 Like a smaller version of one of UD’s limited-edition vaults, this collector’s set is worthy of display on any vanity. 
That's why you won't see any swatches of these in this post, I really want to keep this set as a collectors item.

Urban Decay lipstick vault

Experiment with new shades and cult favorites in five indulgent finishes: Comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer Shimmer and Sheer. 
Urban Decay also included Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil, this pencil fills in the lines of your lips and makes your lipstick last longer.

Urban Decay lipstick vault

The shades that are included in this set and the lip primer, are also sold separately. 

The colors included are:

Seismic Plum-purple with red sheer shimmer
Gash Deep red cream with tonal shimmer
Big Bang Metallic bright pink sparkle
Snitch Sheer pale coral-pink
1993 Matte medium brown

I paid € 76,00 for this set, considering that a lipstick normally costs € 19,50 a piece, I really did a great deal.

Would you have bought this Urban Decay Full Frontal Reloaded Set?

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maandag 3 april 2017

Yves Rocher - Pure Light Cushion Foundation

Yves Rocher cushion foundation

Normally I don't write blogposts on a monday, but this product really is worth sharing!
I tried out the cushion foundation by Yves Rocher called Pure Light.

Are you looking for a fresh, luminous and healthy looking complexion?
Then this blogpost is an absolute 'must read' for you.

First of all, Pure Light is a line in the Yves Rocher stores that includes different products.
For example, they also have a pure light fluid foundation and a pure light powder.

Yves Rocher cushion foundation pure light

First, let's take a look at the packaging from this product.
The cushion foundation by Yves Rocher comes in a very simple packaging.
The name 'Pure light' is written in a silver square, so it immediately catches your eye.

For me, this is a very 'Yves Rocher-like' packaging.
Simple, clear and easy to read what you want to know about the product.

Yves Rocher cushion foundation pure light

When opêning the packaging, there comes out a white round box.
On this box you can notice the 'R' by Rocher (Yves).
Yet again, it is simple but it doesn't need to be more for me.

Yves Rocher cushion foundation

Yves Rocher cushion foundation

Immediatelly in one single step, your complexion can be illuminated and your facial features will be smoothed.
The fresh texture of this cushion foundation enhances your complexion in only seconds.

When you're using the puff applicator that comes with this product, lightly press on the foundation cushion.
Then, gently puff it on your face.
When you want more coverage, you should take more texture.
But be carefull that you don't 'overdo' it.

Yves Rocher cushion foundation pure light swatch

I got myself the lightest color they have: Rosé 200.
As you can see on my arm it looks a little bit too dark, but it is perfect for my face skintone.
This pure light cushion foundation doens't give a high coverage, but a natural one.

 This pure light cushion foundation by Yves Rocher combines the convenience of a compact foundation with the lightness of a fluid foundation.

I like using cushion foundations like this one to do a quick touch up during the day.
They are so easy to carry with you and youn always have the product, applicator and a mirror with you.

Yves Rocher Pure Light Cushion Foundation - € 29,90

Do you like using cushion foundations?
Which one is your favourite?

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zondag 2 april 2017

Dior Makeup Brushes

Dior makeup brushes

With the expertise of its Backstage Makeup Artists, Dior has created a professional line of brushes for perfect, simple makeup application.
We are taking a look at 3 of those Dior brushes today.

Dior makeup brushes

Fluid foundation brush 

For use with fluid and cream foundations, this innovative brush combines the responsiveness of synthetic fibers with the softness of natural fibers.
 Both layered and tapered, these fibers help blend the foundation for fast, easy application. 
The "cat's tongue" shape of the brush head (you can not unsee in now :D) allows easy application of an ultra-fine film of foundation to the skin

Dior makeup brushes

Large eyeshadow brush

A breakthrough beveled shape specially designed to facilitate the application of two colours of eyeshadow. 
Use its flat side to apply a light shade across the entire eyelid in one easy sweep and its high-precision tip to structure the eye with a darker shade. 

So how should I apply two colors?

When applying two colours, first apply the light shade using the flat side of the brush and sweeping across the entire mobile eyelid from the inner corner to the outer corner for an incredibly even finish. Then use the tip to apply the darker shade, following the crease from the inner corner to the outer corner to structure the eye. 

Dior makeup brushes

Kabuki brush

This brush is the perfect compagnong for bronzing powders. 
Its rounded shape and dense bristles take up just the right amount of bronzing pigments and blend them into the skin for a smooth and even sunkissed complexion. 
Incredibly soft, natural fibers deliver flawless application for perfectly even colour and a true-to-life healthy glow.   

So how should I use a kabuki brush like this one?

For a "sunkissed" look, apply on areas of the face where the sun naturally hits first (forehead, cheeks, bridge of the nose, tip of the chin).
For a "sculpted" effect, apply in the shape of a 3: from the forehead down to the cheeks and then the chin, following the oval of the face.

Dior makeup brushes

I have to say, I really love these Dior makeup brushes.
They really feel very soft and do their job.
They are also very easy to clean with some baby shampoo.
I have tried Chanel makeup brushes before (read my blog about them here),
and these Dior brushes are really comparable.

Fluid foundation brush - € 46,00
Large eyeshadow brush - € 38,00
Kabuki brush - € 53,00

What do you think about high end brushes?
Are they worth the price for you?

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