Collistar Patch Teatment

Reshaping your body in only 4 weeks?
It sounds amazing and Collistar promises to make it happen with their new innovative product:
Collistar Patch Treatment reshaping abdomen and hips shock treatment.

Reshape your body with Collistar

Collistar is a specialist when it comes to skincare and taking care of our entire body.
For example Collistar is one of the brands that has an amazing celullite treatment; 
a treatment that really works for me 
(A blog is about to follow about this product soon but I first have to try out out thoroughly).

Reshape your body with collistar

Are you in search of a reshaping body product?
This Collistar patch is really what you are looking for.
This high-tech shock-treatment helps to reshape your abdomen and hips.

WHen applied to the skin, this unique treatment gradually releases its active ingredients for an intens and targeted action.
When you apply these patches on your body, you need to keep them on for 8 hours!
The active ingredients release themselves during these 8 hours.

Reshape your body with collistar

These patches have a 360° effect on the skin thanks to the caffeine and Gracinia Cabogia, known for their draining properties
Ginko Biloba is also an ingredient added in these patches, this ingredients takes care of your tone, firmness and cobats free radicals.

These Collistar Patches are made from an extra-soft and comfortable material.
It adheres perfectly to the body.
I always used my patches during the evening/night and they were comfortable to sleep with because they feel like a second skin.

Reshape your body with collistar

How to use the patch:

Remove the middle part and apply it to the abdomen on a clean and dry skin.
Next you can remove the protective film of the side parts and apply them as well.
Do not forget to leave the patch on for 8 hours.
I use the patch myself twice a week and that feels perfect.

When the patch feels hot and tingling and your skin is becoming red, no panic! 
These signs indicate that the patch is working perfectly.
I felt these signs only after my third application so don't worry if it doesn't feels like this the first time.

I did this treatment for a month, then I gave my body some rest and after two weeks I will be restarting this treatment.
But you can just continue to use it twice a week, every week of the year  or just use it as a shock treatment once in a while.

Reshape your body with collistar

So what are the resulsts after a one month treatment?

After the first treatments my skin felt smoother and more toned.
When you use the patch regular (like I did twice a week), your hips and abdomen will look firmer and reshaped.

Collistar Patch Treatment - € 44,95

What do you think about this Collistar Patch treatment?
Are you willing to try them out yourself?


  1. Klinkt zeker niet slecht! Je hebt me benieuwd gemaakt!

  2. I don't think I would like to leave something like this on for longer than half an hour, I think it would annoy me haha!


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