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why using a primer under your foundation

I heard a lot of people talking about the perfect beauty matches in beauty world lately.
So I decided to make a post on the perfect beauty duos to use together.
And the best part of all is,
you will probable already have these products at home when you're a little beauty addict like me.
Let's take a look at our perfect matches.

Important note: This post is NOT sponsored.
The products used to make these pictures are random picks out of my beauty drawer.

Lipstick and lipgloss

beauty match lipstick and lipgloss

Who said you have to choose between your lipstick and lipgloss when you can't decide what to wear?
Do something different and add a little glossy twist to your favourite lipstick.

You can also play by combining your lipstick and lipgloss:

- Add a transparant gloss to make you lipstick pop out.
- Add a lighter shade of lipgloss to make your lipstick less intense.
- Add a darker shade of lipgloss to add some mystery to your lips.

Extra tip: experiment by combining several shades to achieve that one perfect lip color.

Foundation and primer

why using a primer with your foundation

Okay, it seems logic but a lot of people don't use a primer underneath their foundation yet.
So I am about to tell you why you should always use a primer in combination with your favourite foundation.

When you love your foundation, and you would like to enjoy it a little longer, use a primer underneath your foundation.
A primer will make your foundation last longer, but will also make your skin appear more smooth.

Important: a primer is put over your daycream (a lot of clients ask me this order of products).

Daycream and serum

why using a serum with your cream

At my job it seems logic, always use a serum under your daycream.
But I've noticed a lot of my clients only use one of these two products.
So why should we use both?

A serum 'opens' your skin and makes sure the active ingredients (of your serum AND cream) are better absorbed.
A cream 'closes' your skin to make sure the active ingredients won't get lost.

Bodymilk and scrub

why scrubbing before applying bodylotion

We often use a bodymilk to nourish our skin.
But what's the point when we have a lot of dead skin cells laying around on our skin?

It's best to scrub your skin 2 times a week so all the dead skin cells are taken of.
 When you apply your bodylotion afterwards, it will be absorbed better by your skin and it will also show better results to achieve a gorgeous, hydrated skin.

Perfume and hydratation 

why applying a scented bodylotion with your perfume

A nice scent and a silk, hydrated skin?
You can achieve that by using a scented moisturizing product of your fragrance OR a non scented moisturizer of different brand.

Why using a non scented moisturizer of different brand? 
When you would use a scented version the perfume of this product will not complement the scent of your perfume.

Extra asset: when combining two products of the same frangrance your perfume will last longer on your skin and you can enjoy your favourite fragrance a little longer.

Do you have other beauty matches you use yourself?
Do you like reading articles like theseo r you prefer it when I only write reviews on product like I do now?


  1. Ik. Moet. Die. Spray. Van. Chanel.
    Ik wist niet dat da bestond! I neeeeeeeeeeed!

  2. Ik hou echt van dit soort artikels! Als beautyconsulente heb je veel kennis over beauty dus ik wil zeker meer van dit soort artikels lezen.

  3. Awesome post! I love discovering perfect matches!


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