woensdag 29 maart 2017

Hermes - Eau des Merveilles Bleue

Hermes Eau des merveilles bleue review

A moment of wonder.
That's what I call this new Hermes perfume.
Discover the new Hermes Eau des Merveilles Bleue with me.

Hermes Eau des merveilles bleue review

As the previous Eau des Merveilles creations (elixir, ambre and the edp), this new perfume comes in a white box finished with a color accent that can be found back in the bottle.
With the Eau des Merveilles Bleue the name gives away the color of the perfume: Blue.

Hermes Eau des merveilles bleue review

This new creation by Hermes was made by Christine Nagel, the new 'nose' at the House Hermes.
Christine is really a very known nose in the perfume industry, she has created a lot of great fragrances.
Chrisine Nagel created fragrances like: 
- Miss Dior Chérie (2005)
- Armani Si (2013)
- Jimmy Choo Flash (2013)
- Karl Lagerfeld Homme and Femme (2000)
- A lot of Jo Malone fragrances (from 2010 until 2015)
- Thierry Mugler Womanity (2012)

As you can see she has made some great fragrances.
When I saw this list, I was very curious about the scent of this new Hermes fragrance.

Hermes Eau des merveilles bleue review

Eau des Merveilles Bleue takes us away on a cloud of fantasies.
It takes us to a roman with a lot of facets of Amber and notes of wood.
Hermes Eau des Merveilles Bleue can be described as the sparkle of a woody, mineral fragrance.

Christine Nagel created for Hermes a very female fragrance without the use of flowers in it.
It is a fresh and woody fragrance.
Eau des Merveilles Bleue is an eau de toilette, but has a very long longivity.
I tried it on and it stayed on my skin for at least 7 hours, I love it!

What do you think about this new fragrance?
Have you ever tried an Hermes perfume before?

Hermes Eau des Merveilles Bleue 50 ml - € 75,90
This perfume can be bought on Hermes' website.

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zondag 26 maart 2017

Guerlain - Terracotta Sun Trio

Guerlain Sun trio terracotta powder

As many of you know, Guerlain is one of my favourite brands.
Off course I have to share it with you when this brand comes out with a new product.
I am glad to show you Guerlain Terracotta Sun Trio powder.

Guerlain Sun trio terracotta powder

Guerlain Sun trio terracotta powder

As always the Guerlain Terracotta powder comes in a brown packaging, it is not different with this new product.
Very classy, practical and handy to use.

Guerlain Sun trio terracotta powder

As you can see this new powder is divided in 3 different areas.
Well actually, this isn't really a new powder.
I prefer to call it an updated version of the previous 'Guerlain Terracotta 4 seasons  powder'
 (I wrote a blog about that Guerlain powder here).

Guerlain Sun trio terracotta powder

The Guerlain Terracotta Sun Trio is the first Guerlain powder that can be used to highlight, contour and bronze.
What I like about this product is that the powder has a matte but yet natural finish.
It is a Terracotta powder, so off course it gives your skin also 'a touch of sun' as all the Terracotta products by Guerlain do.

Guerlain Sun trio terracotta powder

So how do we use this pretty powder?

1) Warm your teint with the color below and draw the shape of a '3' on the sides of your face.
2) Create a shadow with the darker shade (upper right one) beneath your jawbone, the sides of your forehead and the sides of your nose.
3) Illuminate your face with the light shade (upper left one) on your T-zone, beneauth the highest part of your eyebrow and in the inner corner of your eye.

I would not recomment using it onto your jawbone, a highlight with a soft shimmer effect is prettier over there ;)

Guerlain Sun trio terracotta powder

Here you can see a swatch of the different colors in this Terracotta Sun Trio powder.
The one I got, is the one in shade 'natural' (if you were wondering).

I really liked this powder and I always love it when several products come in one palette.
This is really a must have for me.
I really like the effect it adds to my tone.

Guerlain Terracotta Sun Trio - € 54,95

Have you ever used any Guerlain products?
Where you satisfied about them?

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dinsdag 21 maart 2017

Estee Lauder - Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Review

I've been a fan of the Estee Lauder double wear foundation for a long time.
So I was really excited when Estee Lauder launched this new Double Wear nude cushion stick.
Let's discover this new musthave product in this blog together.

Estee lauder double wear nude cushion stick
First of all, this Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude cushion stick is very handy to take with you.
It comes in a very easy packaging that is little enough to put in your handbag.

This innovative stick combines liquid makeup and a applicator in one product.

estee lauder double wear nude cushion stick

So what is the big difference between this Double wear cushion stick and the classic double wear foundation?
This stick contains a little hyaluronic acid, so it doesn't feel dry on your skin at all.
This foundation is instantly hydrating and leaves a radiant glow on your skin.
Sometimes the normal double wear foundation feels a little dry on your skin, this cushion stick is perfect because of its hydrating quality.

Double wear nude cushion stick is available in shades for all skintones.

estee lauder double wear nude cushion stick

So how do we have to use this Double wear nude cushion stick?

Pull of the gold cap and slowly twist the base of the stick until the first drip appaers.
Handy tip: if too much makeup is released, just twist the base back.
No need to take it off the cushion and waste it.
Just get it back in the stick.

estee lauder double wear nude cushion stick

estee lauder double wear nude cushion stick
Here you can see how the stick looks like when the first drops of foundation are coming out.

When will you know you need to buy a new stick?
You'll know it's time to buy a new one as the stick becomes smaller until the clear window disappears.

estee lauder double wear nude cushion stick

And you know the best part?
You can even clean the cushion out and make it hygienic again.

How to clean your cushion?
Twist the gold ring at the top to remove the entire sponge unit.
Wash your sponge tip gently with mild soap (like baby soap) and warm water.
Pat the sponge dry with tissue.
Immediately reattach to your stick and twist the gold ring tightly to secure.

Important: allow the sponge to dry before putting the gold cap back on your stick!

estee lauder double wear nude cushion stick

How to use the stick on your skin?

Touch on: use a gentle tapping motion, dot foundation onto skin where needed.
Buff: with a circular motion, smooth out the foundation dots you made before.
Blend: Just use light strokes to blend it across the skin.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick - € 39,95

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zondag 19 maart 2017

Collistar Patch Teatment

Reshaping your body in only 4 weeks?
It sounds amazing and Collistar promises to make it happen with their new innovative product:
Collistar Patch Treatment reshaping abdomen and hips shock treatment.

Reshape your body with Collistar

Collistar is a specialist when it comes to skincare and taking care of our entire body.
For example Collistar is one of the brands that has an amazing celullite treatment; 
a treatment that really works for me 
(A blog is about to follow about this product soon but I first have to try out out thoroughly).

Reshape your body with collistar

Are you in search of a reshaping body product?
This Collistar patch is really what you are looking for.
This high-tech shock-treatment helps to reshape your abdomen and hips.

WHen applied to the skin, this unique treatment gradually releases its active ingredients for an intens and targeted action.
When you apply these patches on your body, you need to keep them on for 8 hours!
The active ingredients release themselves during these 8 hours.

Reshape your body with collistar

These patches have a 360° effect on the skin thanks to the caffeine and Gracinia Cabogia, known for their draining properties
Ginko Biloba is also an ingredient added in these patches, this ingredients takes care of your tone, firmness and cobats free radicals.

These Collistar Patches are made from an extra-soft and comfortable material.
It adheres perfectly to the body.
I always used my patches during the evening/night and they were comfortable to sleep with because they feel like a second skin.

Reshape your body with collistar

How to use the patch:

Remove the middle part and apply it to the abdomen on a clean and dry skin.
Next you can remove the protective film of the side parts and apply them as well.
Do not forget to leave the patch on for 8 hours.
I use the patch myself twice a week and that feels perfect.

When the patch feels hot and tingling and your skin is becoming red, no panic! 
These signs indicate that the patch is working perfectly.
I felt these signs only after my third application so don't worry if it doesn't feels like this the first time.

I did this treatment for a month, then I gave my body some rest and after two weeks I will be restarting this treatment.
But you can just continue to use it twice a week, every week of the year  or just use it as a shock treatment once in a while.

Reshape your body with collistar

So what are the resulsts after a one month treatment?

After the first treatments my skin felt smoother and more toned.
When you use the patch regular (like I did twice a week), your hips and abdomen will look firmer and reshaped.

Collistar Patch Treatment - € 44,95

What do you think about this Collistar Patch treatment?
Are you willing to try them out yourself?

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zondag 12 maart 2017

Beauty News : Perfect beauty matches

why using a primer under your foundation

I heard a lot of people talking about the perfect beauty matches in beauty world lately.
So I decided to make a post on the perfect beauty duos to use together.
And the best part of all is,
you will probable already have these products at home when you're a little beauty addict like me.
Let's take a look at our perfect matches.

Important note: This post is NOT sponsored.
The products used to make these pictures are random picks out of my beauty drawer.

Lipstick and lipgloss

beauty match lipstick and lipgloss

Who said you have to choose between your lipstick and lipgloss when you can't decide what to wear?
Do something different and add a little glossy twist to your favourite lipstick.

You can also play by combining your lipstick and lipgloss:

- Add a transparant gloss to make you lipstick pop out.
- Add a lighter shade of lipgloss to make your lipstick less intense.
- Add a darker shade of lipgloss to add some mystery to your lips.

Extra tip: experiment by combining several shades to achieve that one perfect lip color.

Foundation and primer

why using a primer with your foundation

Okay, it seems logic but a lot of people don't use a primer underneath their foundation yet.
So I am about to tell you why you should always use a primer in combination with your favourite foundation.

When you love your foundation, and you would like to enjoy it a little longer, use a primer underneath your foundation.
A primer will make your foundation last longer, but will also make your skin appear more smooth.

Important: a primer is put over your daycream (a lot of clients ask me this order of products).

Daycream and serum

why using a serum with your cream

At my job it seems logic, always use a serum under your daycream.
But I've noticed a lot of my clients only use one of these two products.
So why should we use both?

A serum 'opens' your skin and makes sure the active ingredients (of your serum AND cream) are better absorbed.
A cream 'closes' your skin to make sure the active ingredients won't get lost.

Bodymilk and scrub

why scrubbing before applying bodylotion

We often use a bodymilk to nourish our skin.
But what's the point when we have a lot of dead skin cells laying around on our skin?

It's best to scrub your skin 2 times a week so all the dead skin cells are taken of.
 When you apply your bodylotion afterwards, it will be absorbed better by your skin and it will also show better results to achieve a gorgeous, hydrated skin.

Perfume and hydratation 

why applying a scented bodylotion with your perfume

A nice scent and a silk, hydrated skin?
You can achieve that by using a scented moisturizing product of your fragrance OR a non scented moisturizer of different brand.

Why using a non scented moisturizer of different brand? 
When you would use a scented version the perfume of this product will not complement the scent of your perfume.

Extra asset: when combining two products of the same frangrance your perfume will last longer on your skin and you can enjoy your favourite fragrance a little longer.

Do you have other beauty matches you use yourself?
Do you like reading articles like theseo r you prefer it when I only write reviews on product like I do now?

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woensdag 1 maart 2017

Yves Saint Laurent - The Street and I

Yves Saint Laurent The Street and I

I'm getting a little bit tired of the rain and the gray weather outside.
That's why I really like it when various brands are launching their spring collections to make my life more colourfull.
Today I am showing you a part of the spring collection by Yves Saint Laurent.
This collection is called The Street and I.

Yves Saint Laurent The Street and I

Yves Saint Laurent The Street and I

Yves Saint Laurent The Street and I

As you might have figured out yourself, the name ' The Street and I' refers to the streelife and its graffiti walls.
That's why the packaging of this collection is a little different than the usual collections by Yves Saint Laurent.
I got myself the Face Collector palette and the Couture eyeshadow palette.
Let's take a closer look.

Yves Saint Laurent The Street and I

The Face Collector palette is a real beauty to have.
On the outside we see the text 'I have a blush on you', and I sure have a real crush ont his palette.
This blush is a soft peachy one and I really liek that color to wear in the spring and summer because it makes my skin appear very fresh.

Yves Saint Laurent The Street and I

Special fact about this blush;
This is a healthy glow blush.
It doens't just make your cheeks blush, but it also adds that healthy glow that we are all looking for in spring.

Yves Saint Laurent The Street and I

I also got myself the Couture eyeshadow palette from this collection.
This palette is really a reflection of the streetstyle and a touch of punk.
I have added the visual for 'The street and I' to this picture to show what style Yves Saint Laurent wants to go to with this collection.

Yves Saint Laurent The Street and I

This new palette is inspired on the bright colors off graffiti art.
The palette containt some very daring colors like 3 shades of pink, a matte grey and a bright coral orange.
When opening the palette for the first time I was really surprised by the combination of these colors and I was thinkg of a look I could create with it.
But hey, Yves Saint Laurent is there for you.
In this palette is also a manual included that shows you how you can use the colors in this palette.

Yves Saint Laurent The Street and I

The colors of this The Street and I couture palette aren't extremely pigmented.
 But this can be solved with a good primer or makeing your makeup brush a little wet.
I really love these daring shades!
Yves Saint Laurent The Street and I

So this are the two items I got from this collection.
What do you think about these two palettes? 
Are this some items you would go for yourself?

Yves Saint Laurent The Street and I face collector palette - € 69,90
Yves Saint Laurent The Street and I couture palette - € 63,90

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