zondag 29 januari 2017

Guerlain - La Petite Robe Noire Makeup Review

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Makeup

How to show the world your classiness, your je-ne-sais-quoi and that little extra?
Guerlain reveals a makeup collection that shows your feminity and your true personality.
What you need according to Guerlain is colour, and not just any colour.
Scented, vibrant and classy colour!

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Makeup

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Makeup

La Petite Robe Noire Nail Polish

Guerlain creates fragranced colour and imagines an absolutely essential and uttely irresistible La Petite Robe Noire nail colour in deliciously shiny texture to dress up your style with colour.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Makeup

A real La Petite Noire Miniature perfume bottle with its lid in the shape of the famous upside-down heart.
Its flat brush allows optimal, easy and precise colour application.
The shades are ultra shiny and come in vibrant colours, I choose the shade 007 black perfecto.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Makeup

Wait several seconds to let the nail polisch dry and unveil a delicate floral fruity fragrance with accents of bergamot, rose and raspberry, inspired by the delicious notes of La Petite Robe Noire.

The fragrance is exuded once again by adding a single layer of La Petite Robe Noire Top Coat.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Makeup

La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick

Guerlain created an absolutely essential and utterly irresistible La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick in deliciously shiny texture to dress up your style with colour.

001 My First Lipstick is the ideal lipstick for young girls and for all women that prefer themselves natural.
A soft pink subtly set off with a veil of shimmer with an innovative texture.

007 Black Perfecto is a surprising shade.
A fake black that can be applied alone or as a top coat for an elegant rock finish.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Makeup

The shades of the La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick adapts to the PH of the skin to reveal the natural colour of the lips or a tailor-made colour.
What I like about these lipsticks, is that you can build up the intensity of the colour by applying multiple layers.

The texture of the lipstick feels very light on the lips, it is subtle and very comfortable.
Inspired by La Petite Robe Noire perfume, the formula is deliciously perfumed and delicately flavoured for an unforgettable taste on your lips.

La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick - € 29,50
La Petite Robe Noire Nail Polish - € 22,50

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woensdag 25 januari 2017

Yves Saint Laurent - Sparkle Clash palette

Yves Saint Laurent Sparkle Clash palette

A few weeks ago I got very lucky and received this limited edition makeup palette by Yves Saint Laurent at work.
I immediately fell in love with it and I'm showing you guys this beauty in this blogpost.
I hope you love it as much as I do.

Yves Saint Laurent Sparkle Clash palette

Yves Saint Laurent Sparkle Clash palette

Just look at that packaging, how gorgeous!
I love the glitter they used on this palette, and the glitter doesn't come off when touching this palette, just perfect!

Yves Saint Laurent Sparkle Clash palette

Yves Saint Laurent Sparkle Clash palette

 The Sparkle Clash Multi-Use Palette is a limited-edition collector’s palette containing daring must-have eyeshadows, blush, highlighter, and lip colors to get the ultimate rock chic look this holiday.

 The stunning multi-palette is draped in gold and silver sparkles, and the compact size fits perfectly in your evening clutch for on the go touch ups.

Yves Saint Laurent Sparkle Clash palette

The palette holds a wearable collection of shades and textures, from a highlighter with pink and gold undertones; four new eye shadows in shades of plum, gold, bronze, and a metallic rose, and two lip colors, the perfect nude, and a dramatic red. 

Complete with applicators, it is destined to be the palette for women on the go, both precious and practical.

Yves Saint Laurent Sparkle Clash palette

The pigmentation of the colors is normal, nothing exceptional.
The highlighting powder is the powder you can see on the upper swatch.
The eyeshadows are perfect to create some day and even evening looks.
You can build up the intensity of the colors by applying multiple layers of the shadows.

Yves Saint Laurent Sparkle Clash palette - € 95,00

What do you think about this palette?
Is it worth € 95,00 to you?

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zondag 22 januari 2017

Sisley - Izia Review

Sisley Izia

The house of Sisley is known for their complex and rich fragrances (soir de lune, eau du soir, soir d'orient,...).
Now, in 2017, Sisley is launching a new fragrance: Izia.
Izia is announced to be a modern fragrance. A combination of sensual notes but still very classy.

Sisley Izia

A distinctive bouquet with an assertive and sensual character. 
A modern and feminine composition with a unique and solar floral heart, that's the description of the new Sisley fragrance, Izia.

Sisley Izia is a modern, new and multifunctional perfume with the focus on the notes of the rose.
And not just any rose, but the Rose D'Ornano, the name of the Sisley family (Hubert and Isabelle D'Ornano).

The name Izia is the Polish version of Isabelles name.
And that's how Izia was born.

Sisley Izia

The ingredients of Izia are:

Top notes: White Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Aldehydes
Heart notes: Rose d’Ornano accord, transparent floral accord, Angelica
Base notes: Cedar, amber accord, Musks

 Izia seduces with its airy, floral heart and the warmth of a woody base softened with musks.

Sisley Izia

I have to admit, Sisley fragrances are always a little expensive.
But this perfume is totally worth it ( for me).
The perfume stays very long on your skin.
I've put some Izia on a ribbon thursday and lay it down just in the open air.
I took the ribbon back this sunday because I was writing this post and the perfume was still noticeable on the ribbon, amazing!

Sisley Izia is available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml.

Sisley Izia 50 ml - € 100,00

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woensdag 18 januari 2017

Carolina Herrera - GOOD GIRL




Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera is a fragrance as powerful as it is sensual. 
An audacious blend of dark and light elements. 
For the woman who loves her good side and celebrates her bad side.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Like the city of New York itself, GOOD GIRL is bold, powerful and daring. 
In a town where everything is possible, GOOD GIRL empowers women to be their total self and to make the city their own.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. 
Such was the inspiration for GOOD GIRL. 

The result: a uniquely designed bottle in the shape of a stiletto. 
The beauty of Couture combined with a highly innovative knowhow as only the House Of Herrera could achieve. 

Carolina Herrera Good Girl

A weapon of seduction for the women who wears it.
Reveal your good side through the luminous facets of Tuberose and Jasmine Sambac. 
Indulge your bad side through the addictive notes of roasted Tonka beans and Cocoa. 

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera is available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 80 ml

I absolutely want to do a special shoutout to my mother in law, who bought me this perfume.
This beauty was on my wishlist for quite some time now, but this perfume is not sold in my country (Belgium) so I couldn't get my hand on one.

My mother in law did a citytrip and brought me this perfume as a gift from the airport, I love her so much and this really was the best gift she could give me.

Carolina Herrera GOOD GIRL 80 ml - € 92,00

What do you think about the design of this perfume?
I absolutely adore it!

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zondag 15 januari 2017

Yves Saint Laurent - Eye Marker Review

Yves Saint Laurent Eye Marker Review

Yves Saint Laurent Eye Marker Review

Yves Saint Laurent Eye Marker Review

One eyeliner. Endless possibilities. 
Yves Saint Laurent Couture Eye Marker liquid eyeliner is designed for an application so simple; you’ll want to wear it every day. 

Yves Saint Laurent Eye Marker Review

Yves Saint Laurent Eye Marker Review

The fool-proof applicator contains a precision tip to draw thin lines with ease, and a flat surface on the side for thick bold lines. Intense black eyeliner glides on in a single stroke, staying put all day and night for dark eyes until dawn. 

Yves Saint Laurent Eye Marker Review

The limited edition Scandal Collection pays tribute to the bold and edgy femininity of Yves Saint Laurent’s most famous designs.
The eyeliner is also very longlasting, it stays perfectly in place during the entire day!
Go and get yours quick, before this limited edition is sold out!

Yves Saint Laurent Eye Marker - € 34,90

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donderdag 12 januari 2017

Estee Lauder - Stress Relief Eye Mask Review

Today I am reviewing Estee Lauder Stress Relief Eye mask.
The perfect treat after long days, long nights, in-flight or whenever you need to "de-stress."

Estee Lauder Stress Relief Eye mask is a refreshing 10-minute eye mask for the delicate skin around your eyes.
You just need to apply the pre-moistured pads on the contour of your eyes and let the pads work their magic.

 Pre-moistened pads hydrate and soothe skin with targeted anti-stress and anti-fatigue ingredients, including Aloe Vera and Cucumber.
The pads also prevents the skin from losing its moist and adds extra moisture to a dehydrated skin.
There are two pads in each package (for every eye one) and are applied as I said before under your eyes onto the contour of your eye.

Whenever your eye area needs a boost, remove the pre-soaked pads from their packette. Gently separate the two pads and apply lightly under eyes using fingertips.
Relax for 10 minutes. 
Try playing soft music or reading a magazine. 
Then lift off pads and gently pat remaining serum into skin.

On the picture above you can see how I applied my Estee Lauder Eye Mask underneath my eye.

After removing it, the result was nog overwhelming.
My skin felt hydrated but I didn't had that 'boosted' feeling.

I would re-use this mask because it feels fresh and I like using masks.
But if you really want to boost your under-eye area, I would not recommend this mask to be honest.

Estee Lauder Stress Relief Eye Mask (10 uses) - € 39,90

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dinsdag 10 januari 2017

Sneak Peek : La Maison Sisley

La Maison Sisley
Maison Sisley Mood Board By Marie-Laure Manceaux 

La Maison Sisley

When you open the doors to the Maison Sisley 
you enter a haven where taking care of yourself is of the utmost importance. 
Here, products of excellence meet with unique expertise and luxury. 
 In the heart of Paris, beauty, exigency and artistic richness invite you to discover the spirit of Sisley.

For the first time since it was founded in 1976, Sisley is opening a House of Beauty in Paris to give its clients the best of Sisley’s formulas and skincare rituals.

Located at 5 avenue de Friedland, in the centre of Paris’s 8th district and just minutes away from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées, this 360 m2 space occupies a listed building in which modern, elegant and refined architecture aligns perfectly with Sisley’s image.

La Maison Sisley

Sisley Treatments

Renewal, sensory stimulation, expertise like no other, an eye for detail... 
Effective products made from the best botanical extracts and essential oils. 
The treatments are as exceptional as the location. 

An experience that makes time stand still, a calm, relaxing interlude in the city. 
Products of extraordinary quality and bespoke treatment protocols, designed with both effectiveness and enjoyment in mind.

La Maison Sisley

The Treatment Area

The beauty salon houses five treatment rooms - including one double treatment roomand offers a menu of facials as well as body treatments. 
There is a treatment for every age and skin type, all devoted to wellness and beauty. 
Moments of relaxation, custom rituals, targeted results...
Every Sisley treatment addresses a specific need: hydration, nutrition, anti-ageing, repair, vitality, relaxation, serenity, slimming… 

For men and women alike, the rituals combine wellness and results. 
With varying degrees of sophistication, every protocol has been designed to the same high standards as those used in product creation.
 Today, the effectiveness of the formulas is demonstrated in the Sisley treatment rituals.

La Maison Sisley

The Lounge

 Undoubtedly the most personal part of the establishment. 
Isabelle d’Ornano wanted it to be like a small, private living room she could feel at home in. 

The mirrored sideboard decorated with stylized leaves, along with the lamps, are complemented perfectly by the “Jetlag” sofa by India Mahdavi and other works of art specially chosen for the space. 

Before heading for the treatment rooms, clients are welcomed in a consultation area for a private diagnosis.
 This area is decorated with a column covered with press articles published by media from around the world, to put Sisley into words and colours. 

La Maison Sisley

The Sisley café 

Reserved exclusively for beauty salon clients, this intimate, cosy space was designed by Isabelle d’Ornano to be like a “secret café”.
 It opens up onto a small terrace where clients can enjoy a bite to eat outside when the weather is nice. 

The menu is simple and fresh, and its healthy options change daily. 
The tables are adorned with the chequers from the makeup cases and the famous black-and-white zebra motif from the Phyto-Lip Twist line, adding a graphic tone dear to Isabelle d’Ornano. 

 From the ceiling hang light fixtures by Spanish artist Alvaro Catalán de Ocón made of recycled plastic bottles woven by Colombian women in a variety of designs, shapes, and colours.

La Maison Sisley

The Boutique 

This House will be home to the first Sisley Boutique in Paris: A 70 m2 gem where the world of art meets treatments, beauty, makeup, and perfume. 

 Like a personalised concept store, this Boutique will also house a few lines of limited edition accessories and objects, as well as inspired ephemeral collections, chosen by the d’Ornano family.

La Maison Sisley
Maison Sisley Mood Boards By Marie-Laure Manceaux 

La Maison Sisley
Maison Sisley Mood Boards By Marie-Laure Manceaux 

The Maison Sisley will open its doors in mid-February 2017 in the Golden Triangle in Paris’s 8th district.

I am sure I will visit The Maison Sisley once.
Off course I will let you know everything about it in a blogpost.

What do you think about this new 'La Maison Sisley'?

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donderdag 5 januari 2017

Beauty News : What to expect in beauty world for 2017?

beautytrends in 2017

Welcome 2017, I've been waiting for you to come around.
But what I always wonder when a new year starts, is what I can expect.
So I was asking myself, what will the beautytrends be in 2017?

As some of you might know, I work in a perfume shop.
So a lot of changes in beautyworld are visible for me.
So here I am with the 5 beautytrends for 2017.

beautytrends in 2017

Trend 1: purse perfume and refill bottles

More and more clients asked me lately for small versions of their perfume so they can take them with them easily.

More and more people are also engaging theirselves for a better world.
We can make the world a better place, even by doing small things.
Maybe a refill bottle will cost you more when you buy it, 
but after soùe refills the difference is paid back and the world gets (a little) better thanks to you.

That's why a lot of brands are making refill products for their perfume, skincare and makeup (Cartier, Chanel, Dior, Lancome,...).

beautytrends in 2017
Fun fact: This was actually the first picture I took for this blog, hooray!

Trend 2 : New Textures

2017 will be the year of new textures in foundations and skincare.
We have to thank K-Beauty, a Korean lab that innovates and discovers new textures.
The most famous texture they created are the BB-creams.
But for 2017 we have:
jelly masks, serum-in-oil, oils-in-serum, cushion foundation, uv mist sprays and sheet masks.

beautytrends in 2017

Trend 3 : Your own unique scent

We all want to be unique, and that's also where 2017 is about.
Having a signature scent is a must for this year.

A nice tip: You can also make your own signature scent by mixing some scented products like a specific body oil and a perfume.
When you spray your perfume after putting a body oil, a whole now range of scent notes will arise.

beautytrends in 2017

Trend 4 : Individual beauty

There is a whole lot to experiment in this new year and the emphasis is on the individual beauty.
From palettes made of a range of 15 colors to a pecils that create a flawless skin, everything is possible!

We also have good news: the pigmentation of the colors always gets better because of the advanced technology used in makeup products.

beautytrends in 2017

Trend 5 : authentic and handmade

We like the idea that our skincare, fragrances and makeup are made on a low scale with all the attention and knowledge that is needed for one specific product.

Handmade products that are authentic always are one step ahead of the rest.
These products get a lot of attention in 2017 because we also like to feel like a pro a little ourselves at home.

What do you think about these new trends for 2017?
Have you discovered any changes in beautyworld?

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