maandag 11 december 2017

Shu Uemura X Super Mario Bros

When I was a little kid, I was addicted to my Nintendo and the Super Mario games.
But I had to grow up and didn't have the time to play my games anymore.
But my prayers have been heard, Shu Uemura created a collab with Super Mario Bros, and I love it!

Shu Uemura X Super Mario Bros

For the holidays Shu Uemura relaunched their top 3 products in a game edition. 
Perfect to give to someone who loves gaming AND beauty products.
let's discover the products in this blogpost.

Shu Uemura X Super Mario Bros

The Cleansing Oil shampoo by Shu Uemura is really mindblowing.
I am not talking about the packaging (although that one is also mindblowing), but the products itself is so good!
This is a shampoo made on base of oils, so it will nourish your hair all the way when using this one.
My bleached hair is so thankful for this product.
I used this shampoo myself and I really was surprised.
I didn't had the usual troubles combing through my hair, my hair felt soft and hydrated,...
This shampoo really is a miracle for my hair.

Shu Uemura X Super Mario Bros

Shu Uemura essence absolue is a gift that I won't be giving away as I like this myself so much.
I love using hair oils as my hair gets broken and dry because of the bleaching I do.
This hair oil by Shu Uemura is a very good one as this restores your hair without making it feel too greasy.

Shu Uemura X Super Mario Bros

A difficulty for me is often how much oil you can use on your hair, well this product doses itself.
Just take one pump and you're set to go.
off course when you have longer hair, it might be necessary that you use 2 pumps of this product.

Shu Uemura X Super Mario Bros

Shu Uemura Master Wax is a nice gift for men and women who like to style their hair.
It keeps all the hairs in place without feeling too sticky.
Warm it into the palm of your hand and just place it where you want to style your hair.
I think this wax would make a perfect gift for my boyfriend.
He is completely into gaming lately and loves using wax in his hair, perfect combo!

Cleansing Oil Shampoo 400 ml - € 47,50
Essence Absolue - € 56,30
Master Wax - € 34,00

What do you think about these hairproducts made in collab with Super Mario Bros?
Would you give these products a try?

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maandag 4 december 2017

Dr. Organic - Charcoal Purifying Skincare & Haircare

With the increase of the air pollution, it is important that we protect and cleanse our skin thorouhgly.
Protection our skin might look like an easy step, a lot of products contain an SPF these days.
But cleansing is very important as well, and activated charcoal is a perfect ingredient to clean your skin with as it cleanses very deep and also purifies your skin.
I discovered this charcoal range by Dr. Organic and I am about to show you all the products that are available in this range.

Dr. Organic Charcoal Purifying

The brand new Dr. Organic Charcoal range will make your skin feel clean and fresh. 
It will also prevent impurities to win the battle on our skin, but will fight them and make them appear less often.

It is important to know that all the Dr. Organic products shown in this blogpost are free from parabens, SLS and other non-natural additions.

Dr. Organic Charcoal Purifying

Face Products

Organic Charcoal Face Mask - € 9,99

This deeply cleansing face maks contains activated charcoal combined with bioactive ingredients including natural fruit acids.
This deeply cleansing face mask will remove dirt from your skin and cleanses your pores. The result of this mask is a clean, fresh and clear skin.

Organic Charcoal Face Wash - € 9,99

This cleansing gel contains activated charcoal combined with a mix of biological oils and fruit extracts.
It will cleanse your skin very deep, but still be gentle for your face.
It helps to remove impurities, grease and dirt to gain a fresh and clear skin.

Organic Charcoal Face Scrub - € 9,99

This face scrub also contains activated charcoal combined with a mix of biological oils and fruit extracts to cleanse the skin very deep.
It will remove dead skin cells very efficient.
This scrub is a good preparation of your skin to use the Dr. Organic Charcoal Face Mask afterwards.

Dr. Organic Charcoal Purifying

Hair and Body Products

Organic Charcoal Shampoo - € 8,99

This purifying shampoo will make sure that dirt, dust and sebum from the hair and the scalp will be removed.
The activated charcoal combined with biological oils and fruit extracts will make your hair clean and will make your scalp feel fresh.
This shampoo is perfect for dull, stressed and lifeless hair.

Organic Charcoal Conditioner - € 8,99

This hydrating conditioner with activated charcoal will remove efficiently grease out of the hair and from the scalp.
The biological oils and fruit extracts will make your hair feel soft, vital and combable hair.

Organic Charcoal Body Wash - € 8,99

A body wash with the unique characteristics of activated charcoal with a purifying action.
This body wash will easily remove dirt and grease from your body.
It will make you feel clean and very refreshed.

Dr. Organic Charcoal Purifying Tootpaste

Organic Charcoal Toothpaste - € 6,99

Finally a toothpaste with activated charcoal that is safe to use.
I've seen a lot of these toothpastes before but I was scared to order them because they weren't sold officially in my country, but this one is.
This toothpaste does not only contain activated charcoal but also natural and biologic plant extracts.
The activated charcoal will cleanse your teeth thoroughly and it will make your teeth even more white without harming your tooth enamel.

Dr. Organic Charcoal Purifying  toothpaste

Dr. Organic makes eco friendly beauty products that are made with respect for nature and the entire world.
 Dr. Organic is exclusively sold by Holland & Barret.

What do you think about beauty products with activated charcoal in them?
Would you try them out?

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zondag 3 december 2017

Givenchy - Striking Night Lights Holiday Collection (XMAS 2017)

I am glad this makeup package came into my mail a while ago, 
I love makeup and I love limited edition collections.
So this new Striking Night Lights holiday collection by Givenchy was an amazing gift sent to me by Givenchy.
Let's discover some of the products that come in this collection.

Givenchy Eclats Nocturnes

First, let's take a look at this packaging.
The packaging is so sparkling and lovely.
Instead of the classic black leather packaging, this collection is covered with a dark glitter fabric.
I really like looking at these products.

Givenchy Eclats Nocturnes

Prisme Libre Eclats de Rose

I already have a 'normal version' of the prisme libre powder, and I love that powder a lot.
So I was pretty excited to discover the prisme libre in a light pink edition.

This Prisme Libre Eclats de Rose comes with 4 complementary and complexion enhancing shades.
As the regular prisme libre powders, the texture is really fine and a pleasure to use.
Although that it looks like this prisme lbre is a blush, it is a regular prisme libre translucent powder, with a soft touch of pink in it.
The powder can be used individually, or mixed together to boost your glow.
What I also like about this powder, is that it is a bit shiny,
so you can use this powder as a rosy highlight.
But don't be mistaken, is is not a sparkly highlighter but more of a subtle one.

Givenchy Eclats Nocturnes

Givenchy Le Rouge 328

I fell in love with the Givenchy lipsticks by discovering them in another PR-package.
I already tried out the two-toned lipsticks and the rouge sculpt and now I got curious about this Le Rouge in the shade 328.
This lipstick comes in a beautiful burgundy red shade, a perfect color to have for your New Year's Eve party or Christmas diner.

Givenchy Eclats Nocturnes

Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter 360 'Burn Nocturne'

This lipstick is a little different than the previous one I showed in this blogpost.
Le Rouge-A-Porter is a sheer lipstick and this one is one in a chestnut red color.
It looks pretty dark when you see it in the tube, but it is gorgeous on the lips.
Although the texture is a sheer one, the color applies very evenly and smoothly to the lips.
What I also like about this lipstick, is its hydrating feature (something I really need during winter time).

My opinion about this collection?

This collection really looks stunning and amazing.
Givenchy Limited Edition makeup might seem pricey, but to me it is worth every euro because of the 'to-die-for packaging'.
If you want to buy something from this collection I only have one tip for you:
This is a limited edition collection so these items sell out fast.

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vrijdag 1 december 2017

L'Occitane - Advent Calendar 2017

L'Occitane Advent Calendar 2017

December just started, so I got really excited this morning.
Finally it is time to open up my advent calendars, yay!
I am showing you one special one in this blogpost: The L'Occitane Advent Calender 2017.

L'Occitane Advent Calendar 2017

A Christmas Beauty Advent Calender is exactly what I like about December.
You get a beauty gift each day.
This L'Occitane Advent Calender is illustrated by Kanako, a French Artist.
It really looks classy and luxurious, I really like the fact that this beauty calender has a 'retro vibe' for me.

L'Occitane Advent Calendar 2017

As usual, an advent calender has 24 little suprised in it.
It might seem hard not to open all the doors at the same time, but I also like the fact that I can treat myself with a new gift every day.
So be patient, and open only one door a day.

L'Occitane Advent Calendar 2017

Today, I opened my first door and I found my first gift in this beauty advent calender by L'Occitane.
Curious about the other presents, I'll give you a list of what you can find in this calender:
The 2017 Classic Advent Calendar contains:
• 35ml Relaxing Shower Gel
• 35ml Cherry Blossom Shower Gel
• 10ml Shea Butter Hand Cream
• 50g Almond Delicious Soap
• 10ml Pivoine Flora Hand Cream
• 35ml Repairing Shampoo
• 30ml Ultra Rich Body Lotion
• 25g Verbena Soap with leaves
• 30ml Ultra Rich Shower Cream
• 10ml Almond Delicious Hands
• 20ml Almond Milk Concentrate
• 35ml Cherry Blossom Shimmering Lotion
• 10ml Verbena Cooling Hand Cream
• 35ml Almond Shower Oil
• 10ml Shea Butter Foot Cream
• 50g Arlésienne Perfumed Soap
• 30ml Verbena Body Lotion
• 35g Revitalising Sugar Bath Cub
• 30ml Citrus Verbena Shower Gel
• 3ml Shea Butter Lip Balm
• 7.5ml Arlésienne Eau de Toilette
• 5ml Shea Light Comforting Cream
• 35ml Repairing Conditioner
• 25g Shea Milk Extra-Gentle Soap.

This L'Occitane Beauty Advent Calender is good to indulge someone you love, or treat yourself to a luxurious pre-Chrismas gift.

What do you think about this advent calender by L'Occitane?
Do you have any beauty advent calenders that you'll be opening this month?

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dinsdag 28 november 2017

Outfit Of The Day With My Dog

It has been a while since I wrote a blogpost were you can actually see me, so I thought it was about time to change that.

I am showing you in this blogpost my new outfit that I got myself to face the cold days during autumn and winter, and off course I am doing this with my lovely dog by my side.

We went walking behind my house the other day, and I thought that an outfit shoot in this setting would be very nice.
So I got my personal photographer (nothing fancy, it is just my mum) and we got out there.

First of all, it is not easy to shoot nice pictures with an animal, and absolutely not with my dog.
She likes taking a walk so much, that she just won't stand still or pose for a picture.
So off course, first we went for an actual walk so my dog was satisfied as well.

When my dog wasn't acting super excited anymore, the shooting could start.
I just got myself a new sweater by the brand Blake Seven, they really have the nices sweaters with the nicest quotes and prints on them.

I combined this sweater with new pants I ordered on Maison Lab, these are from the brand Super Trash.
I really recommend pants by this brand to all of you, I never had such a comfy pair of jeans before, and no I am not sponsored to say this.

My shoes weren't new, these are my Puma shoes that I already have a few months now. 
hallelujah for me for keeping them so clean during these months.

I know this outfit might seem a little grey, but hey it is autumn and soon it will be winter.
I don't feel like wearing the same colorful outfits as in the summer/spring.

And for my dog, she is wearing her lovely coat.

In case you also have a dog and you're having a hard time to keep the coat of your dog soft and shiny, try changing the food of your dog!

For my lovely black beauty that worked amazing.
Her hairs were looking dull and weren't feeling so soft anymore, but then I changed her food to natural food by , her coat really improved.

It might work for your dog as well to give natural food.

What do you think about my outfit and my dog?
Have you ever tried taking pictures with an animal, do you have tips for me to shoot even better pictures with my dog?

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zondag 26 november 2017

Syoss- Salonplex Pre Color Primer

Have you ever heard of the Plex Technology?
In our hair, special hair bridges are responsible for the well-being of our hair and its inner strength.
A lot of chemical treatments may cause damage to these hair bridges, this will damage your hair and it may break as well.
Luckily for us, Syoss created a new product to protect our hair from damaging.
Meet the new Syoss Salonplex Pre Color Primer.

Earlier this year, Syoss launched the range SalonPlex with a shampoo and a conditioner in it.
Syoss also renewed their coloring range and added the SalonPlex Technology into all their hair coloring products.
With this technology, a million hair bridges will be created and existing hair bridges will be restored.
What does this mean for your hair?
Your hair will be stronger and protected from breaking.

Today, Syoss is launching a new product in their SalonPlex range: a pre-color primer.
This is a primer that you need to use before every coloration or bleaching of your hair.

This product comes in a spray, so it is very easy to spray it over your hairdo before you work the coloring magic.
This spray prepares your hair for the bleaching that is about to follow by creating a protective layer around your hair.

How to use this Syoss Pre-Color Primer?

Apply the spray on dry hair and blowdry.
Start the bleaching or dying of your hairdo without worrying about the damage that might be caused.

Good to know: This pre-color primer will not have any effect on the result of your coloration.

I have tried this pre color primer myself.
I bleach my hair every 3 weeks, so I have pretty damaged hair myself.
I am not going to say that my hair is completely restored after one use only,
but it feels softer and my ends are not so dry anymore.
I will keep trying this product as I feel that this might work its magic for me.

Syoos Pre Color Primer is now available in your local drugstore for € 6,99.

Will you try this spray out yourself?

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vrijdag 24 november 2017

Givenchy - L'Autre Noir Collection (Black Friday Special)

Givenchy L'Autre Noir Collection

Givenchy is known for their signature black color, that is why they released a makeup collection that is designed to wear in the 'after-dark hours'.
And no better day to show this collection, than on Black Friday.

Givenchy L'Autre Noir Collection

Givenchy Blush Noir Révélateur

The first item we find in this collection, is Givenchy's Blush Noir Révélateur.
It might look a little bit weird, but yes this is a black blush (with a soft touch of pink in it as well).
Best part of all is, this blush reacts to the PH of your skin, so you will get your own shade of blush.
It might go from a sweet sheer rose color to a deep dark plum color.

This blush is a currend addition to the Givenchy range, it is only here to stay a short time only as it is Limited Edition.

Givenchy L'Autre Noir Collection

Givenchy Ombre Couture - Shade 20 Rosy Black

A new addition to the cream eyeshadow range is this marvelous color: Rosy Black.
As the name tells us already, this is a blackish shade with a soft pink finish in it, I absolutely love it.

Givenchy L'Autre Noir Collection

Givenchy Liner Vinyl - Rosy Black

I have always been a fan of the Givenchy Vinyl Liners as they are so easy to use and they stay on the entire day.
A new addition to the makeup assortiment is this Rosy Black eyeliner, to finish off all your dark looks.

Givenchy L'Autre Noir Collection

Givenchy Gloss Révélateur 

This lipgloss can be used in several different ways.
It can be used as a lipgloss on itself or you can use it to intensify another color.
Givenchy Gloss Révélateur is a black lipgloss that has a glamorous shiny finish.
As the Blush Révélateur, this lipgloss also reacts to the PH of your skin and provides you from a personalized color on your lips.

Givenchy L'Autre Noir Collection

Givenchy Lip Liner - Noir Révélatuer Universelle

A black lip liner to go along with your black lipgloss, makes sense no?
This lip liner can be used as a traditional lip liner: to reshape and redefine your lips and prevents the color that will go on top from bleeding.
But it can also add depth to a lipstick color, so you will create more contrast.
This black lipliner is gradually diffused and intensifies the natural color of the lips, so you won't have ultra black lips when using this liner.

Givenchy L'Autre Noir Collection swatches

In the picture here above you can see swatches of all the products in this order:
- Givenchy lip liner
- Givenchy lip gloss
- Givenchy liner vinyl
- Givenchy Ombre Couture
- Givenchy blush révélateur

Remember if you like some items of this collection, some pieces are limited edition for this L'Autre Noir Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

What do you think about this black collection?
Would you go for any of these items?

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maandag 20 november 2017

Yves Rocher Christmas Ideas

Yves Rocher Christmas

It might seem a little early, but before you know it Christmas will be knocking on the door as it is waiting just around the corner.
Therefore I will give some of my 'Christmas gift Idea lists' the upcoming weeks.
Today I made a list of Yves Rocher presents that might be perfect to place underneath your Christmas tree.

Yves Rocher Christmas

The first thing that I placed on my Christmas list, is this cute house filled with products.
This giftset contains products that are perfumed with the marvelous berries fragrance.
In this set you can find a hand cream, bodymilk, showergel and a lipbalm.

You can buy this Marvelous Berries giftset for € 9,95 here.

Yves Rocher Christmas

A perfect outfit for New Year starts with well treated nails.
These nails can be taken care of with this nail polish gift set that might be nuder your tree for Christmas.

The colors that are included in this giftset are: 
- Argent pailleté
- Garance- Cerise Noire- Camélia Nacré- Magnolia Nacré

This gift set contains 5 different shades of magnificent nail polish and can be bought for € 14,95 here.
Yves Rocher Christmas

Another great set that I would love to receive myself, is this set wth 3 glossy lip pencils.
These lip pencils will give your smile an even brighter finish and leave your lips nourished and soft.
This set contains 3 colors:
Glossy Lip Pen Parfait Rose Clair
Glossy Lip Pen Pourpre Lumineux
Glossy Lip Pen Rouge Bordeaux. 

This set can also be bought for € 14,95 on the Yves Rocher website.

Yves Rocher Christmas

Another great gift, is this body scrub an a sugar base.
This body scrub is also perfumed with the scent of the Marvelous Berries line, and it is made with sugar cane to remove dead skin.
This body scrub will leave you skin nourished and smoother.

Baies de Merveilles is sold for € 12,95.

Yves Rocher Christmas

Last, but absolutely not least is a scented candle.
Perfect for a cosy Chrismas evening with the family and a nice scent of vanilla in the air.
This is also a gift I would love to find under the Christmas Tree as this is so useful in every household and for every kind of person.

Vanille Blanche scented candle is sold for € 5,90.

What do you think about these gift ideas? I
s there anything you will place under your Christmas tree?

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zondag 19 november 2017

Vichy - Dercos Densi Solutions

Vichy Dercos Densi Solutions

I've been bleaching my hair for 6 years now, and off course my hair isn't in the same state as 6 years ago.
I have less hair and it became thinner so I needed a solution for that but I wasn't able to find one.
Until Vichy sent this package to me to try out.

Vichy Dercos Densi Solutions

Vichy launched this Dercos Densi Solutions line in their range.
This Dercos line will make your hair fuller again.
Another plus is that this Densi Solutions hair range will boost the growth of your hair as well.

96% of the women who tried this range out during the official tests experienced fuller hair after 6 weeks.

Vichy Dercos Densi Solutions

Densi Solutions Shampoo for fuller hair

This shampoo contains ingredients that will clean your hair starting from the scalp.
Densi Solutions shampoo will provide your hair fibers from volume and more power, wash after wash.
Your hair will be visibly thicker, softer and look healthier.
When I used this shampoo for the first time, I was surprised by the fresh fragrance it has.
Some peppermint oil has been added and it will have a cooling effect on your scalp (so your roots wont produce grease as quick as it normally does)

Vichy Dercos Densi Solutions

Densi Solutions Conditioner

This conditioner will hydrate your scalp and will help the hair fiber to grow stronger, fuller and look healthier.
Also this conditioner is enriched with the peppermint oil that also comes in the shampoo.
So it will smell super fresh, and also have the cooling effect on your scalp.

Vichy Dercos Densi Solutions

My thoughts

I really like this range by Vichy.
I haven't been using it for 6 weekd yet (only 4 weeks now), but I do feel that my hair is stronger and it looks healthier than before.
I really recommend this Vichy Dercos Densi Solution range to everyone with damaged and thin hair.

This range is now available in your local pharmacy.
DENSI-SOLUTIONS Shampoo           15,15€
DENSI-SOLUTIONS Conditioner      16,95€

Do you also have fine/thin hair?
What kind of shampoo do you use?

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maandag 13 november 2017

Kenzo - World Intense Perfume

Kenzo World Intense Perfume

Kenzo World, a perfume that was launched in 2016, got a new sibling in 2017:
Kenzo World Intense.

Are you still curious about the first launch of Kenzo? I wrote a review about Kenzo World in this blogpost.
But today, I am telling you something more about the new launch: Kenzo World Intense.

Kenzo World Intense Perfume

As the first Kenzo Worl perfume, the bottle is still inspired by the designer brand Kenzo Paris and their symbol : the eye.
Kenzo World brings an ode to diversity, freedom of expression and self-expression.

Kenzo World Intense Perfume

Kenzo World Intense is a perfume made by Francis Kurkdjian and Maïa Lernhout.
Francis Kurkdjian was also the creator of the first Kenzo World perfume launched last year.
I was a fan of that perfume, but I am an even bigger fan of this release.

Kenzo World Intense Perfume

Kenzo World Intense is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance. And that is just perfect for me.
I like perfumes that are a combination between flowers and some sweetness.

Top: Plum
Heart: Peony and Jasmine
Base: Vanilla

As you can see out of these ingredients, this perfume is a perfect combination between flowers and sweetness, so this is a perfect perfume for me.

Kenzo World Intense 50 ml - € 75,90
Discover your perfume on the Kenzo website.

What kind of perfume do you like most?

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zondag 12 november 2017

Wunder2 - WunderBrow Waterproof Eyebrow Gel

Wunderbrow Brunette

Last Thursday I was invited to the Antwerp Pressdays to discover some new brands and their new releases.
One of the products I got to discover was the amazing Wunderbrow.
Off course I tried it out myself and I am here to share my thoughts about this product with you.

Wunderbrow Brunette

My first connection with WunderBrow is the video posted by NikkieTutorials on YouTube.
I saw her review of this product and my thought was 'Damn, I really got to try that out!'.
So here I am, with my review of this product.

What is WunderBrow?

WunderBrow is a semi-permanent eyebrow gel that is a safe solution if you want to color your eyebrow hairs or if you want to hide some bald spots in your eyebrows.
In less than 2 minutes you can create the perfect eyebrow that will last for days.
Amazing, right?

Wunderbrow Brunette


The WunderBrow formula is made out of an exclusive mix with some 'hair-like' fibers.
These fibers are combined with specially treated pigments that will attach themselves on your skin and your eyebrow hairs.
And don't worry, the eyebrows will still feel very soft!

Wunderbrow Brunette

Traditional eyebrow pencils, gels and powders are sometimes so hard to apply and you need to work in several stept to get to your final result.
The traditional products often look fake and will not stay as long as you want it to stay.
These problems were WunderBrow's driving force to create a product that is easy to use, looks natural and lasts up to 3 days.

Important Advantages

- First of all, it is so user friendly, you can not go wrong with the WunderBrow
- It is extremely longlasting, transfer proof, smudge proof and even water proof
- You can create natural looking eyebrows with only one product
- Your hairs will still feel soft and comfortable
- It has an anti-aging effect: it will cover up grey hairs.

Wunderbrow Brunette

How to use

Apply WunderBrow to a clean and dry eyebrow.
Start with filling up the scarce spots with short movements.
It is important that you make these movements in the direction of the hair growth.
Divide the product with the 'mascara applicator' that comes in the WunderBrow box.
If needed, apply some more product.
It is better to start with a small amount of product and apply some more afterwards then to start with too much product in the beginning.

Did you make a mistake or the eyebrow is not the shape you wanted?
Just take an oil cleanser and you can remove the WunderBrow.

Wunderbrow Brunette

My thoughts?

I really like this product, it stayed for 2 days on my skin.
I made the 'mistake' to cleanse my face with an oil cleanser and my eyebrows vanished.
I recomment this product. It might seem pricy, but you really don't need a lot of product to make you eyebrows on fleek so I will go a long way with my WunderBrow.

Wunderbrow is available for € 29,95 and it exists in 5 different shades, the shade I've used on the pictures above is the shade 'Brunette'.
There exists also a WunderBrow Dual Precision brush and this brush is also sold in set with the WunderBrow if you want a specific eyebrow brush and comb to work with.

(For my Belgian readers, in Belgium is it sold at Di: All About Beauty, 
for my readers from the Netherlands, it is sold at Ici Paris XL NL,
my English reader can buy WunderBrow on their website)

Have you ever tried an eyebrow gel before and did you like it?

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