zaterdag 19 november 2016

International Men's Day - Dior Homme Dermo System

Today is International Men's Day, a great opportunity to show some skincare for men.
This review will be exactly what men like: short, simple and easy to do themselves.

The Dior Innovation Center presents the first dermatological treatments designed exclusively for men. 
Created in conjunction with the Harvard Medical Center, Dior Homme Dermo System offers the latest in skin care technology. 

Housed in an ultra-chic black and glass bottle designed by former Dior Homme menswear designer Hedi Slimane, this quick-absorbing soothing fluid moisturizes, mattifies the skin, and instantly refines its texture. 

How to use?
Apply daily, morning and evening after cleansing. 

Housed in an ultra-chic black and white tube designed by former Dior Homme menswear designer Hedi Slimane, this transparent gel is formulated with very light exfoliating micro-particles to deep-cleanse, stimulate cellular renewal and clarify the skin. 
The skin appears younger, brighter and more uniform. 

How to use?
Use daily, morning and evening to remove dirt and impurities from the skin. 

Dior Homme Dermo System Invigorating Moisturizing Emuslion - € 49,90
Dior Homme Dermo System Micro Purifying cleansing gel - € 39,90

Are you familiar with skincare for men?

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donderdag 17 november 2016

Lancome - La Nuit Trésor Caresse Review

La Nuit Tresor Caresse Review

A sensual night, when the lovers embrace the absolute love.
That's where Lancome La Nuit Trésor Caresse comes in.

La Nuit Trésor is getting a fresher take this fall with Lancom La Nuit Trésor Caresse.

La Nuit Tresor Caresse Review

La Nuit Trésor Caresse is the first caressing Rose created by Lancome.
The black rose from the original La Nuit Tresor becomes pastel pink, but we can expect an equally sweet and gourmand fragrance.

La Nuit Tresor Caresse Review

La Nuit Trésor Caresse promises to be just as sweet and intoxicating as it's big sister.
La Nuit Trésor Caresse is a composition with the rarest ingredients:
a soft heart of Rose Essence, skin against skin with caressing white Musk intertwined with Tonka Bean.

Now let's resume the ingredients:

Top Notes: Pink Peppercorn and Bergamot
Heart NotesDamascena Rose and Almond Blossom
Base Notes: White Musk and Tonka Bean

La Nuit Tresor Caresse Review

La Nuit Tresor Caresse Review

The perfume is housed in a multi-faceted, diamond-shaped glass bottle.
Like a radiant, scintillating gemstone, the art of the bottle is created with 2 star colors.
The mystery of black meets the delicacy of pink, 
giving contrast and tension to the new vision of love expressed by Lancome.

La Nuit Tresor Caresse Review

 La Nuit Tresor Caresse gas a delicate tulle rose tied around its neck. 
The bottle can't stand up (like the previous La Nuit Tresor), but it rests on its side.

La Nuit Tresor Caresse Review

I absolutely love this perfume.
I am always in love with perfumes that are sweet, but also have a touch of softness and something mysterious in them.
This perfume is exactly what I like.

To give you an idea of my perfume taste, I also use:
Olympea by Paco Rabanne, Bonbon and Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf, Si by Armani,...

La Nuit Tresor Caresse is available in 50 ml and 75 ml.

Lancome La Nuit Tresor Caresse 50 ml - € 75,90

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woensdag 16 november 2016

Dior - Rouge Dior Review

"Rouge Dior makes you feel good"

Rouge Dior Review

Rouge Dior, a mythical and timeless lipstick from La Maison Dior, was created in 1953 by Christian Dior himself out of a desire to 'Dress women's smiles".

Now, in 2016, Peter Philips (Creative and Image director of Dior makeup) re-invented Rouge Dior to make the lipstick a 'feel good' lipstick for every woman and to make the smiles of the modern women even more vibrant.

Rouge Dior Review

Rouge Dior Review

Now what's the difference between this Rouge Dior collection and the first collection from fifty years ago?

Nowadays, the collection is much broader than it was fifty years ago.
Peter Phillips chose varied pigments, made progress in formulation of the lipstick but also kept in mind that women nowadays are different from the women fifty years ago.
Women always are asking for more new shades of lipsticks for their everyday lives.
Now women can change shades and express themselves even more.

Rouge Dior Review

The new formula of Rouge Dior contains an unknown combination of 'nourishing' ingredients.
These ingredients keep your lips nourished and won't let them feel dried out, no matter what finish or color you use.

Rouge Dior Review

Like a true object of desire and couture, Rouge Dior comes with a new metallic case, crafted with secret little details.
For a touch of personal luxury, the inside of each cap is attired to the iconic Rouge 999 shade.
Rouge Dior 999 is Dior's flamobayantly sexy signature.

Rouge Dior Review
In every lipstick the Dior logo is stamped, it adds an even more luxurious effect to the Rouge Dior lipstick.

Rouge Dior Review

Rouge Dior Review

Rouge Dior Review

Rouge Dior Review

Rouge Dior Review

The Rouge Dior range contains 37 new shades, 25 satin ones and 12 matte ones who are divided over 5 color families.

The color families are divided in (from top to bottom):

- iconic reds
- natural nude
- romantic and passionate pink
- passionate corals
- extreme and surprising mattes 

Rouge Dior Review

The shades have a highly pigmented couture matte finish that never compromises on a lasting comfort, whatever the intense matte or indefinitely satin effect.

Rouge Dior Review

I even tried them out on my lips. Normally I have extreme dry lips but even while wearing the Dior Rouge matte lipstick, my lips still had the comfort they need.

Rouge Dior - € 33,50
Have you ver tried this iconic lipstick by Dior?

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dinsdag 15 november 2016

Urban Decay - Full Spectrum Review

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Review

When color is your drug of choice, you know where to get the good stuff.
This limited-edition palette contains an insane spectrum of 21 shades (The most EVER in any Urban Decay palette!).
Let's discover everything about this gorgeous palette.

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Review

 In 2015, Urban Decat launched the Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow palette in limited quantities, infortunately I couldn't get my hands on that palette back then.
I know a lot of people freaked out trying to get their hands on it, so did I and I was so dissapointed I don't have it in my collection.

But no worries, this Full Spectrum Eyeshadow palettte is the BIGGEST and most colorful Urban Decay palette yet!
So if you can get your hands on this beauty, don't overthink it and just buy it.

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Review

Urban Decay packed the full spectrum palette in a sleek black case.
This case makes the palette look glamorous, cool and compact at the same time.
On the case you can see tonal, spectrum-like lines that alternate from matte to shiny and a rainbowed 'UD' jewel.
I absolutely love it!

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Review

Urban Decay organized the shadows by color familie, creating a rainbow of ombré trios.
The end result? A palette that not only look stunning, but also delivers tons of options.
You can create dimensional ombré looks by working within the color-coordinated trios of you can experiment with multiple shade groups and once.

This Full Spectrum Eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay contains 18 new sgades, three exclusives from past palettes, and a wide range of finshes, you'll never run out of options with this palette in your collection.

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Review

 The Full Spectrum palette is equipped with a huge mirror and a double-ended brush.
The Tapered Crease Brush is perfect for laying down shadow, defining the crease or blending out color.
Use the Shadow Brush to pack color on the lid or do detailed shading.

Each Eyeshadow on Full Spectrum Eyeshadow palette features Urban Decay's famous Pigment Infusion System.
This technology gives every shade its velvety texture, rich color, blendability and a serious staying power.

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Review

I swatched the color of the palette in order of their color family, let's take a closer look.

The shades you can see on the swatch above are:

- Paranoia (soft metallic blue-pink)
- Gossip ( bright metallic pink with subtle touch of pearl)
- Alchemy (deep fuchsia satin)
- Jones (metallic orange with subtle touch of pearl)
- Seize ( bright metallic coral with subtle touch of pearl)
- Warning (deep metallic copper)
- Goldmine (metallic yellow-gold)
- Calavera ( bright yellow matte)
Midnight Blaze ( black matte with yellow-gold pearl)

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Review

Let's continue with the other color in the Full Spectrum palette;

-Mean ( bright metallic lime green)
- Hatter (vibrant green with micro-sparkle)
- Hundred (deep metallic forest green)
- Metamorphosis ( vibrant periwinkle blue with micro-sparkle)
- Blindsided (bright teal blue with pearl)
- Minx ( deep navy matte with a touch of pearl)
- Faded (lavender with gold shimmer)
- Sketch ( metallic medium purple)
- Delirious (deep plum matte with subtle touch of pearl)
- Bump (white matte)
- Iced (oyster silver with shimmer)
- Platonic (black matte with iredescent glitter)

Urban Decay - Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette - € 54,00
Now available for a limited time only.

Are you a color-junk when it comes to eyeshadow?
Would you give this Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette a try?

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zondag 6 november 2016

Filorga - Nutri Filler Lips Review

Every girl knows the hype, we all want gorgeous plumped lips but we don't want to suffer any pain to get them.
Do we need to forget about those fillers and forget the bottle cap to plump your lips?
Meet the new Nutri Filler Lips by Filorga, a nutri-plumping lip balm.

As always Filorga used some very simple packaging for their new product, a black box with the information you want to see on a box written on it.
Nothing less, nothing more.

The packaging is also very simple, a white tube with a silver button on it and a black applicator.

Filorga Nutri Filler lips promises a triple action;

1) to feed and repare your lips
2) to make the lips fuller and smoother
3) revitalizes the lips and make them glow

Filorga also promises that your lips will feel repared, enhanced and repulped after only one single use!

Off course I was curious and I wanted to test this product out.

In the first picture you can see I have very dry lips.
Perfect to test if this Nutri Filler Lips by Filorga restores and nourished your lips.

In the last picture you can see my lips after only one single use of this product.
My lips felt hydrated, nourished and they even felt plumped (not that I need any pluming in my opinion)

Overall, I was satisfied with the results this products had after only one use.
Will this product be as good as lipfillers? 
No I don't think so.

This products does a very subtle plumping on the lips so I don't think that people who consider fillers will be satisfied with this product.

But even when you already have fillers (or dry lips like me), this product is awesome to keep your lips soft during the winter.

Filorga Nutri Filler Lips - € 24,90

How do you feel about your lips?
Have you considered getting fillers?

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