Clarins - Blush Prodige Review

Clarins Review Blush prodige

Clarins Blush Prodige was already on my wishlist for a long time, and finally I got myself this blush!
I fell in love with the colors and the packaging.
I'll tell you in this post everything I know and discovered about this Blush Prodige by Clarins.

Clarins Review Blush prodige

As you can see on the picture I bought myself the blush in shade 02 - soft peach.
The packaging is exactly what Clarins always does, a very simple packaging with all the information you need written on it.

Clarins Review Blush prodige

When you open the box, there comes a kind of pouch in velours that protects the blush.
The Clarins logo is written in it, but not in a too obvious way.
I always like it when my products come in this velours protection.
This gives me a very luxurious feeling.

Clarins Review Blush prodige

When you remove the velours packaging, there finally is our blush.
The box is perfectly made. It has a small gap to place your finger to easily open the blush.

What I don't like about this packaging is that it is so shiny. 
When you touch it, you immediately leave a stain with your fingers.

Clarins Review Blush prodige

And there is our blush!
I like the composition of this blush with all the small squares.

Now let's really talk about the blush.
CLarins Blush Prodige has a very soft silky texture which provides your skin from a perfect complexion.
This blush is composed with minerals and plant extracts.
This composition make the blush give an healthy glow to your skin, and it's not harmful for your skin.

Clarins Review Blush prodige

 Blush Prodige by Clarins is available a variety of colors and textures. 
This way you will always find a blush that is suitable for your skin.
As I said before I bought myself color 02 - Soft Peach and you can see a close up of that color in the picture above.

Clarins swatch Blush prodige

I also swatched this Clarins Blush Prodige, and I love it!
The color indeed gives me a healthy glow and don't give too much pigment. 
(I don't ant to look like a barbie doll XD)
I absolutely like this blush by Clarins to use as a daily blush.

Clarins Blush Prodige - €37,00

Which blush do you use on a daily basis?
You also like using mineral makeup like this blush by Clarins?

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