maandag 25 april 2016

Be the queen on Kingsday with Essence

We all know that in The Netherlands the people love to celebrate the birthday of their King and they do it with a huge event: Kingsday.
Kingsday is allready coming up this week: 27 th of April.

Off course we, beautylovers, have to look our best on such an important day. 
We sure do have to look 'Queen-proof' :)
And that's why Essence released a limited edition look for Kingsday.

Let's take a look at the products.


A Kingsday look asks for some  outstanding lashes.
That's where this mascara comes in. 
The 'Get Big! Lashes mascara' gives your lashes a boost in volume and curls your lashes like you've never seen before. 

 Off course we can't go out if our lips aren't poppin'.
Essence created a nice red lipstick. And we al know, red lips do make a statement!
This is the Longlast lipstick in the color 02 All you need is red.
To make your lips even prettier you can use the lipliner 10 - Femme Fatale with this lipstick.

A soft pink blush with some orange accents is essential for a nice look.
That's were this Mosaic blush  10 miss floral comes to join the productlist.
This blush gives your cheek a feminine glow and will let your shine like a real Queen!

And when we think about Kingsday, off course we can not imagine that there would be a collection without any orange colors.
But we want to keep it subtle, so we're just wearing a orange gel nail polish.
The nailpolish in the picture above is the color 66 shade of happiness

get big! lashes mascara - € 2,39
longlast lipstick 02 all you need is red - € 2,39
lipliner 10 femme fatale - € 0,99
mosaic blush 10 miss floral - € 2,99
gel nailpolish 66 shade of happiness - € 1,69

With all these products used in your look, you will be totally Kingsday-proof!
This collection is in store now.

What do you think about this collection?
Will you be buying one of these items?

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Disclaimer: I haven't tried these products yet. This is just information about this collection, not a review.

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  1. I need this lipstick, it's such a gorgeous color.

  2. Great post as always!!
    Hope you had a wonderful week!!
    Thanks for the support and thoughtful words on my recent post, I deeply appreciate it!!

  3. lovely lipstick !:)

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  4. wow ! lovely makeup items essence ... :*

  5. I LOVE essence nail polish, they are just great. Happy Tuesday, doll.

  6. Ik vind de blush heel mooi! Jammer genoeg is deze niet zo goed gepigmenteerd :(

  7. The lipstick is amazing! I need it in my life!
    xoxo, Vanessa