woensdag 23 maart 2016

BE creative makeup - BEdazzling baked spring collection

My first thought, 'Yes they did it again!'.

BE creative makeup released a limited edition collection for this spring, the BEdazzling baked spring collection. I adore it!

The thing that caught my eye in store immediately, the packaging.
It looks so colorfull and girly.
I really gives me a summer (or should i say spring?) vibe, and that was the purpose of this collection.

The first thing in this collection: the baked highlighter.
I must say, this is one of the best highlighters I have in my makeup collection.
It has a very nice glow and it is exactly what I expect from a highlighter.
Take a look at the swatch.

Amazing, right?
I absolutely love this product.

Next product in this collection is the baked bronzer.
For me the bronzer is a little bit too 'orange', but I have a very pale skin so for the most of you this bronzer would be perfect.

As I said this bronzer is too 'orange' for me, but I do use it as a contour under my cheekbones.
I don't want to let this product go to waste.

Third product to show you is the baked blush. 
It comes in two colors. 
I bought myself the 'peachy' color but there is also a more 'rosé' one.

This product is really amazing, it is perfect for me and suits a lot of people because this is really an 'allround' color.
Go and get yours too!

Lastn but definitely not least is the eyeshadow palette.
It comes with a double eyeshadow brush.
This palette include all the colors that are trending right now.
I made my picture of this palette with the blue sky reflectng in the mirror, it really gives me a spring-feeling.

The colors are very pigmented and I would recommend this palette to everyone.
This eyeshadow palette is also easy to take on holiday because of the mirror and brush that are included in this palette.

All this products can be bought at Ici Paris XL (BeNeLux) and in their webshop.

BE baked highlighter - €14,95
BE baked bronzer - €14,95
BE baked blush - €11,95
BE baked eyeshadow palette - €19,95

What do you think about this collection? 
What is your favourite product in this collection?

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zondag 20 maart 2016

Stephan Badal Haute Couture S/S 2016 - Makeup by Guerlain

Last night I was invited to the Haute Couture fashion show by Stephan Badal.
Stephan is a couturier based in Antwerp who designs Haute Couture and Prêt à porter fashion.

I was able to catch a glimpse of the backstage process.
I deciced to take a look at how they do the makeup for a fashion show.

The makeup was done by Guerlain makeup artists.
As you can see the makeup was very special.
I absolutely love the style.
Of course the makeup artists only used products by Guerlain.
In the picture above you can see model Edith Marin lining her lips with a Guerlain lippencil.

Model Annette Wolf is wearing Terracotta Joli teint and had her contour done with the lovely Terracotta powders.
She absolutely looks stunning.

But Guerlain wouldn't be Guerlain if they didn't do something special for this fashion show.
All the models had a special art created on their eyebrows or above/under the eyes.
I really was impressed by the skills of the makeup artists.
Just look at those amazing looks!

I think the name of my blog realy comes in place here: 'Wow, Art, this is Art!'.
And by that I mean Art with a huge 'A' :D

All the models had perfect styled hair.
Of course Guerlain couldn't do that, so they collaborated with the Sanké Hairdressers.
The collaboration between those two partners made the looks complete.

Now let's take a look at the most important part of the evening: the complete looks.
Hair, makeup and off course the clothes by Stephan Badal.

After seeing this show I was completely amazed. 
Really, those looks were perefect!
And the clothes were so gorgeous and wearable.
My favourite was absolutely the bridal dress, which was the eye-catcher of the evening.
 I really would recommend buying clothes by Stephan Badal.
The fabrics are so nice, the styles so perfect and it was all so beautiful.

Which one is your favourite outfit?
And what do you think about the makeup done by Guerlain?

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zondag 13 maart 2016

Erborian - pink perfect blush

Today I will be reviewing the pink perfect blush created by Erborian.
Erborian is mostly known for their skincare.

All the products created by Erborian are inspired by several beauty products and rituals from all around the world.
That's what makes this brand so special and so useable for everyone.
Their products are so pure, easy to use and effective.

But now, let' get to the most important thing of this blogspot: reviewing the blush!

Pink perfect is a line created in the Erborian skincare range.
They have a pink perfect cream, and a pink perfect blush.
Since I am really a blush addict, my choice was made quickly: I wanted the blush instead of the cream.

When you open the product, you can see a little cushion. 
It is important to open the blush and remove the seal before you use it.
When you tap a little while holding the blush upside down, the product will come on the cushion.
The cushion is very easy in use, you don't need a brush to appluy this blush.

I applied the product in the swatch above.
It gives a light touch of pink to your makeup.
It is beautiful on pale skintypes (like me), but also on an olived skin.
The blush smells great, is easy to put in your handbag (always handy to do a touch up on the go),
and it illuminates and beautyfies the cheeks.

Erborian Pink Perfect Blush - € 29,00

What do you think of this blush? 
Would you like to apply your blush with a cushion (like this one) or do you prefer to use a brush?

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woensdag 9 maart 2016

BE creative makeup - Sunkiss bronzer

A week ago, I already showed you an eyeshadow quad from the brand BE creative makeup here.
This week I will be showing you the bronzer from the same brand.

As known, BE creative makeup has very simple packaging.
But I don't mind, it is a simple black box with a see-through hole in it.
That way you can clearly see which product you are buying.

When opening the box, a big round palette comes out of it.
I love this packaging.
Simple and easy to use.

What a lovely pattern in the bronzer, I love it when a brand does something special with the pattern of the products.

This bronzer from BE creative makeup is very easy to use.
You apply it in a shape of a 3 on your forehead, under the cheekbones and under your chin.

The powder is very subtle and raffinated.
You can use it to shape your face a little, or it can be used to give your skin a touch of sun.
When you apply it all over your face, be sure not to use too much product at once.
You better start of gently and add some more than overdoing it immediately.
The powder evens out your skin tone and adds a soft touch of shimmer to your face for a radiant look.

This powder is available in 3 different shades: 001, 002 and 003.
The shade used in the swatch above is shade 002.

BE creative makeup bronzer - € 14,95
Exclusively sold by Ici Paris XL - in stores or on the webshop

What do you think about this bronzer?
Are you also in love with the pattern in it?

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zondag 6 maart 2016

Diorskin forever & ever wear - makeup base

A while ago, Dior released the new version of their Diorskin forever foundation.
That foundation also comes with a new makeup primer.
And that's what I will be reviewing today, the Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear.

The Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear comes in a simple plastic tube.
When you want to get the product out, you have to hold the tube upside down and squeeze a little.
The packaging is simple but very practical.

I had to make the background in my pictures a little darker or you couldn't see the product because the tube comes in a white color.

The Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear is the first step for a perfect look.

This product will also hold your makeup longer and keeps it gorgeous.
The product has an instant retouching effect, which will even out your skin.

This primer gets your skin ready for the following steps in your makeup routine.
You apply it after your daycream, and before your foundation.
I've applied it to my face and it feels like the Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear is 'photoshopping' my skin (no kidding!)

When buying this gorgeous product (and a perfume: Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet), I got this lovely pouch from Dior.
How gorgeous is this!?

As you can see in the swatch above, Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear is a liquid primer, but it is non-greasy.
I've applied the product to my skin where I've put the arrow.

I am a fan!

Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear - €35,90

Do you use a makeup primer?
If so which one do you prefer and why?

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