zondag 7 februari 2016

Max Studio - 10 piece lip wand

As I told you guys in my previous blogpost, I went to TK Maxx in Aachen a few weeks ago.
I love it that they have so much makeup in their assortiment.

I found a lipgloss box and I immediately fell in love with it.
Let's take a closer look at this box!

In this box, there are 10 pieces lipgloss included in a big variety of colors.
From left to right this are the colors in the box:
- iced glaze
- lemon sorbet
- sweetheart
- pin-up
- coral island
- flirty fuchsia
- plumberry
- all glitz
- cabernet 

For every lipgloss lover there's a color included.
When you like it light and shiny or when you like it dark and mysterious. 
This box is made for everyone!

Let's take a look at the pigmentation of the glosses.

"Wow", that was what I thought when I tried these glosses.
These colors are amazing!
The colors come out exactly the same as they look in their tubes, perfect!

A down side to these glosses is that they don't last a long time on your lips, after 1 hour and a half my glossy lips were gone.
But hey, you've got colors enought to change your look during the day ;)

BUT these glosses also have a positive point; they are made with mineral oils, so they are also nourishing for your lips, and most important of all not too sticky ;)

Another important note for me: these products have not been tested on animels, what makes these glosses animal cruelty free.

I bought this box for only €6,99. How cheap!
When you don't have a TK Maxx in your neighbourhood, you can also buy this box on Ebay.

I love the light shiny colors and cabernet, the deep red color.
What are you favourite colors?

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