zondag 28 februari 2016

Be creative make up - mystery eyeshadow quad

BE creative make up, a brand you may or may not know.

This brand  is an exclusive brand that is only sold in Ici Paris XL stores and in their webshop.
This brand is luxurious, well-made and most important of all: not so expensive as the other luxurious brands we know.

Today we are taking a look at their newest release: the mystery eyeshadow quad.
BE creative make up has allready made a lot of eyeshadow quads, but this is a new one.
It is made with a range of new colors and is completely up-to-date with the newest beauty trends.

The packaging is simple. 
There is a clear window so you see the colors of the eyeshadow in a simple box. 
What do you need more?

When seeing these colors, I absolutely love the combination of them!
You can create a casual look, but also nice evening makeup looks with these colors.

The swatches are exactly what I expected from the eyeshadow.
The pigmentation is good and the eyeshadow is longlasting.
I definitevely became a fan of BE creative make up!

BE creative make up Mystery eyeshadow quad - €17,95
only for sale at Ici Paris XL or in their webshop

What do you think about this brand?
Will you also give it a try?

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zondag 21 februari 2016

Sisley - Phyto-touche illusion d'été

Spring is already in town so we all want to look great.
Unfortunately the sun wasn't around long enough to give ourself a sunkissed look.
And that is where this products joins us.
I will be showing you the phyto-touche illusion d'été from Sisley.

Illusion d'été means that we want to give others the illusion that we had enough sun during springtime and give ourselfs a sunkissed glow on the skin.

This powder from Sisley is an ultra-gentle bronzing powder that glides on the skin very easily.
It give a natural sunkissed complexion to everyone with a pale skin tone,
and it gives an illuminated skin to the people with tanned skin.
This powder is so light, that it feels like a secons skin.

The powder only is made in one color, but it is an universal powder.
It can be used during the entire year to give ourself a 'sunglow' and can be used for every skintone.

On the swatch above, I have applied the powder two times (to make it visible for the picture).
As you can tell, the powder gives a light coverage.
I absolutely adore it!

The powder is also enriched with the extracts of Gardenia, Mallow and Linden Blossom.
As we al know, Sisley only uses herbal extracts.

After a long day with makeup on, you have to clean your face from all the makeup.
I like to use these items in my daily routine.

First I use 'Lyslait'.
This is a cleansing milk that cleans deep and gently. It removes makeup and impurities. 
This cleansing milk is good for dry and sensitive skin. 
It is enriches with White Lily.

After the cleansing milk I like to use my lotion, in this case Lotion tonique aux fleurs.
This is an alcohol-free, refreshing toner with natural extracts of Cornflower, Witch Hazel and extracts of Rose to help soothe and soften your skin.
It is also very good for dry and sensitive skin 
(I guess you all know my skintype now :D)

The Phyto-touche illusion d'été powder - €74,25
Lyslait cleansing milk 250 ml - €78,80
Lotion tonique aux fleurs 250 ml - €69,50

I absolutely love the bronzing powder from Sisley, it is definitely worth its money.

What do you think about the powder?

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zondag 14 februari 2016

Donut shaped lipgloss

Yesterday I went to the local drugstore and found myself these gorgeous lipglosses.
I immediately fell in love with the packaging.
Girls love sugar and makeup, so this was a perfect combination and I just had to have all the versions that where available of these lipglosses.

The donut shaped lipglosses were available in three different colors, and I bought them all.
A pink donut, a white one and a black one. 

When you open up the boxes you see they come in different colors and also different flavours.
Yes, indeed, these glosses are yummie to have on your lips.
The tastes are: strawberry, vanilla and cherry.

When you apply the gloss on your lips, it doesn't really add a lot of color but just a light shimmer.
I absolutely love it!

You can buy these donuts for only €1,50 at Kruidvat (Belgium and Netherlands).
They are also available online in many shops, they can be found when you search for 'donut lipgloss'.

Which donut is your favourite one? 
I love the black one that comes in a cherry taste.

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zondag 7 februari 2016

Max Studio - 10 piece lip wand

As I told you guys in my previous blogpost, I went to TK Maxx in Aachen a few weeks ago.
I love it that they have so much makeup in their assortiment.

I found a lipgloss box and I immediately fell in love with it.
Let's take a closer look at this box!

In this box, there are 10 pieces lipgloss included in a big variety of colors.
From left to right this are the colors in the box:
- iced glaze
- lemon sorbet
- sweetheart
- pin-up
- coral island
- flirty fuchsia
- plumberry
- all glitz
- cabernet 

For every lipgloss lover there's a color included.
When you like it light and shiny or when you like it dark and mysterious. 
This box is made for everyone!

Let's take a look at the pigmentation of the glosses.

"Wow", that was what I thought when I tried these glosses.
These colors are amazing!
The colors come out exactly the same as they look in their tubes, perfect!

A down side to these glosses is that they don't last a long time on your lips, after 1 hour and a half my glossy lips were gone.
But hey, you've got colors enought to change your look during the day ;)

BUT these glosses also have a positive point; they are made with mineral oils, so they are also nourishing for your lips, and most important of all not too sticky ;)

Another important note for me: these products have not been tested on animels, what makes these glosses animal cruelty free.

I bought this box for only €6,99. How cheap!
When you don't have a TK Maxx in your neighbourhood, you can also buy this box on Ebay.

I love the light shiny colors and cabernet, the deep red color.
What are you favourite colors?

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