Catrice Blaze Of Glory eyeshadow palette - limited edition

 Once again, Catrice released a new limited edition collection.
This new collection is launched under the name 'Treasure Trove'.

I only bought one item of this collection 
(so weird for me to come out of the store with only one product in my hands :D)
And off course, I wanted to share this product with you guys.

I bought myself the eyeshadow palette.
I just fell in love with this packaging.
A lovely white box with golden stars, so pretty!

When I opened this palette, I immediately went crazy!
Woow, just see these gorgeous colors!
Palettes with nude colors are just must-haves.
These colors suit anyone and can be used for every occasion (just my opinion :D)

I was so excited to make these swatches.
But the excitement didn't last very long. 
The pigmentation was a little disappointing. 
But because of the pigmentation that isn't too overwhelming, 
this palette is great for an everyday look.

I am still happy that I bought this palette, although that the pigmentation of the eyeshadows isn't so great.
Damn, I am such a sucker for packaging :D

This palette can be bought in your local drugstore for € 7,99. 
But be quick, this is only a limited edition!

What do you think about this palette?

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  1. Wow deze oogschaduw kleuren zijn echt mijn ding! Top!

    x Karen

  2. Eeuwig zonde! Zo een mooie palette en dan valt de pigmentatie tegen. Jammer, maar wel mooi.

  3. Tof palette, mooie kleuren! Jammer van de pigmentatie :(

  4. Hij ziet er mooi uit, maar jammer van het pigment...
    XOXO esmee

  5. Die verpakking is inderdaad pretty! Maar wel jammer van het pigment...

  6. Heb het ook gekocht om te dragen als ik ga werken, pigmentatie is inderdaad niet super maar voor die prijs echt wel ok! :D


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