zondag 29 november 2015

Merry Berry collection by Essence

Essence released a new limited edition collection for the holidays, calles 'Merry Berry'.

In this collection there are several items, a gold dust spray, eyeshadow, highlighter, lipsticks,...

But I will only be showing you the highlighter and the lipsticks. 
These items are the only ones that really caught my eye.

How gorgeous is this highlighter?
I like the star pattern in it, it gives me a 'holiday season mood' :)

And then we have these lipsticks.
The lipsticks in the Merry Berry collection comes in three different colors.

Normally the lipsticks should have a matte finish, but when I used them they were still a little bit shiny for me.
Allthough that these lipsticks aren't matte, I like them a lot.
I love the fact that they are shiny, but not too shiny :)


Let's take a look at the swatches from the highlighting powder and these lipsticks.

Here you can see some swatches I made on my arm.
Off course everything looks different when you use it on you lips or face. 
That's why I also made lipswatches and a cheek-swatch for you guys.

Wow, this highlighter will definitely be one of my favourite highlighting powders.
It gives such a nice glow on your skin, but not too shiny (I don't want to look like a disco ball)

The lipsticks are okay, but not great. 
The pigmentation of these lipsticks dissapointed me a little. 
I had to apply 3 layers before the color was as shown on the package.

My favourite color is 1 - let's the berry-tales begin (which reminded me of the Hunger Games :D)
The difference between color 02 and 03 is not so noticeable.
'02 pink & perfect' has more of a coral finish.
Color '03 red rocks' (as the name says allready) has a redish finish.

I do like this collection and I will definitely buy some more of these highligting powders because I am in love with it :D

Merry Berry highlighting powder - € 3,39
Merry berry lipsticks - € 2,39

What is your favourite item of this Limited Edition collection by Essence?

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2 opmerkingen:

    Zo moooooi! En ik ben ook fan van de essence lipsticks, echt niet slecht voor de prijs!

  2. wow die lippenstiften zijn zo mooi! Ik ben verliefd!

    x Karen