zondag 29 november 2015

Merry Berry collection by Essence

Essence released a new limited edition collection for the holidays, calles 'Merry Berry'.

In this collection there are several items, a gold dust spray, eyeshadow, highlighter, lipsticks,...

But I will only be showing you the highlighter and the lipsticks. 
These items are the only ones that really caught my eye.

How gorgeous is this highlighter?
I like the star pattern in it, it gives me a 'holiday season mood' :)

And then we have these lipsticks.
The lipsticks in the Merry Berry collection comes in three different colors.

Normally the lipsticks should have a matte finish, but when I used them they were still a little bit shiny for me.
Allthough that these lipsticks aren't matte, I like them a lot.
I love the fact that they are shiny, but not too shiny :)


Let's take a look at the swatches from the highlighting powder and these lipsticks.

Here you can see some swatches I made on my arm.
Off course everything looks different when you use it on you lips or face. 
That's why I also made lipswatches and a cheek-swatch for you guys.

Wow, this highlighter will definitely be one of my favourite highlighting powders.
It gives such a nice glow on your skin, but not too shiny (I don't want to look like a disco ball)

The lipsticks are okay, but not great. 
The pigmentation of these lipsticks dissapointed me a little. 
I had to apply 3 layers before the color was as shown on the package.

My favourite color is 1 - let's the berry-tales begin (which reminded me of the Hunger Games :D)
The difference between color 02 and 03 is not so noticeable.
'02 pink & perfect' has more of a coral finish.
Color '03 red rocks' (as the name says allready) has a redish finish.

I do like this collection and I will definitely buy some more of these highligting powders because I am in love with it :D

Merry Berry highlighting powder - € 3,39
Merry berry lipsticks - € 2,39

What is your favourite item of this Limited Edition collection by Essence?

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woensdag 25 november 2015

MUA Elysium Palette

The brand MUA released a new eyeshadow palette: the Elysium Palette.
I have always been a fan of the MUA products.
The quality of their products is so great and you don't pay a lot for them.

When you look at the palette, you see that there are 10 eyeshadow colors in it.
4 matte eyeshadows and 6 shimmery ones.

For the first time ever, MUA includes a duo eyeliner in an eyeshadow palette.
The eyeliner comes in the colors black and beige.
Black to put on your  upper lashline, and beige to put on your waterline to make your eyes look bigger.

The pigmentation of this palette is, as usual with the MUA palettes, very good.
But as known, you have to be carefull for fallout because the colors have a very powdery texture.
I like this palette a lot.
This palette reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked palettes.
But this is of course a cheaper variation of it ;)

For this Elysium Palette you only pay € 7,99 in your local drugstore.

Will you buy this new MUA Elysium Palette?

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zondag 22 november 2015

Only You mini eyeshadow palette (Christmas edition)

It's that time in the year, that a lot of brands release a limited editon Christmas collection.
And so did 'Only You', a budget brand.
Let's take a closer look at these gorgeous palettes.

When I saw the box where the palette comes in, I was allready thinking about Christmas.
Red is a color that we all associate with Christmas and so are the golden stars on the packaging.
Although that this brand, is a budget brand, the packaging looks very stylish to me.

When I take the palettes out of their packaging, they are completely black with golden accents on them. 
The black and gold on this palette gives the impression that this palette is expensive :D
I love the look of this palette.

When I opened the palettes, I was amazed!
The colors look so great.
Each palette comes with 6 eyeshadow colors and 1 highlighting color.
Each palette has 4 shimmery eyeshadow colors and 2 matte ones.
Let's take a look at the colors.

 I was surprised by this palette, the pigmantation is good, but not to overwhelming.
I normally don't use black or dark colors because the pigmentation comes out to dark for me.
But these colors are great.


 This palette is also amazing.
The colors have a perfect pigmentation and are gorgeous.
I like the colors a lot.

My favourite of these two palettes is the black one because I was looking for a palette like that one since ages.
Maybe the black one is my favourite because I allready have a lot of palettes with brown colors in it (Naked, MUA,...).

These palettes are available at Ici Paris XL for only € 3,95.
So cheap in my opinion!

Will you buy one of these palettes? 
If yes, which one?

 Let's create some more art together!

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zondag 15 november 2015

Dolce and Gabanna, The One Essence & The One eau de parfum for men

We all have stress today, stress to buy some nice gifts for eachother.
Under the Christmas tree there are always a many gifts, and a lot of them are perfumes.
That's why I made this post on D&G perfume for him and for her.

Everyone knows the fragrances from D&G The One.

But these two fragrances are different.
The One for her is an eau de parfum, but hasn't the name 'Essence'. Later on we will discover what the essence mean.
The One for him is an eau de toilette, but this version of The One is an eau de parfum for men.

Let's discover these fragances!

The One eau de parfum for men is inspired on the Arabic culture.
This perfume has a lot of dark notes, and we discover these dark notes also in the packaging.

The difference between The One eau de toilette for men and The One eau de parfum for men is that this eau de parfum is 35% more concentrated.
The smell of this perfume is more intens than the eau de toilette for men.

In this perfume we discover:
- basil
- cardamom
- ginger
- cedarwood

This perfume is oriental spicy.

The One eau de parfum for men is a very rich scent.

The One Essence is an answer from Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna to the question 
'What is luxury?'

The One Essence is the essence of luxury for D&G.
The perfume has a gold color
The word 'essence' on the box is written by hand.

The difference between The One and The One Essence is that this perfume is 25% more concentrated.

In this perfume we discover:
- litchi
- white Madonnalily
- amber

This perfume is oriental flowery.

The One Essence is a very rich scent.

The One Essence is available in 40 ml and 65 ml
40 ml - € 70,90
65 ml - € 94,90

The One eau de parfum for men is available in 50 ml and 100 ml
50 ml - € 63,20
100 ml - € 76, 50

Maybe these perfumes are a nice inspiration to buy Christmas gifts.

What is your favourite perfume from D&G? Mine is Dolce :)

Let's create some more art together!

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woensdag 11 november 2015

Happy girls are pretty - limited edition

Essence has done it again, they released a gorgeous looking limited edition collection called 'Happy girls are pretty'.
And what makes a girl more happy than makeup :D
As I said in a post before, I am such a packaging buyer.
Everything that looks nice, isn't safe for me :D
That's why I love this collection allready, it just looks beautiful.

Let's take a closer look at the products.

The first product from this collection is a contouring set.
Everybody knows contouring is hot thanks to the Kardashians. 
Everyone tries to contour like the Kardashians (and we never achieve the same resulst :D )

I like this product in this collection. 
It is packed together so you don't need several boxes of makeup to contour.

The swatches disappointed me a little. 
The highlighter is not as visible as I thought it would be, but it is useable for a subtle highlighting.
The contouring color is too orange for me. 
On my skin it looks different that the product itself.
I give this product a 6/10, for the subtle highlight.
And I think I will be using the contour as an eyeshadow in combination with my naked palettes.

Next up is the multi colour blush.
When I look at this product, I am falling in love.
The structures, the heart in the middle, the color combination,... everything looks perfect.

But then I went swatching again, and I got disappointed (again)
I have applied 5 layers of this blush on my arm, and it still isn't very visible.
That's why I have written on the picture where you have to search for the swatch of this product.
The product looks promising because of the nice packaging, but the quality could be better.
I give this product a 4/10, just for the packaging.

The last products I bought myself are the eyeshadow palettes.
They come in 2 variations:
- 01: Happiness is ... seeing your smile (pink palette)
- 02: Happiness is... following your heart (brown palette)

The palettes look beautiful, although I don't get why they put 'Knit' with the wool bobbins. 
What does that have to do with happy and pretty girls?
I don't get it, if you know why they chose the bobbins of wool, please let me know :D

I made two swatches of each palette.
One in sunlight, one in the shadow.
I like the brown palette (02 - Happiness is.. following your heart) a lot.
The pigmentation of this palette is great.
The pink palette (01 - Happiness is... seeing your smile) has softer colors and that's why the swatches aren't so bright as the other palette.
Overall I like these palettes a lot.
I give them an 8/10 (because I don't get the wool bobbins :D )

Multi colour blush - € 2,99
Contouring set - € 3,39
Eyeshadow palette - € 3,59
All this products are for sale in your local drugstore.

What do you think about this limited edition collection?

Let's create some more art together!

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maandag 9 november 2015

Estée Lauder Christmas gift collection

Every year, Estée Lauder launches a box which is perfect as a christmas gift.
This is the box that was launched for 2015.
And my first impression is: Wauw!
In this post I will be showing you everything that is in this box in detail.

When you open the box, the first thing you see is the lovely travel case.
It is red and looks luxurious and stylish.
I will use this as a beautycase when I'm travelling.

When you open the travel case, you discover all kinds of products that are useable for everyone.
Let's take a look at the products.

The first things that caught my eye, are the 'Deluxe Pure Color Eye and Cheek Palette' and the 'Limited Edition All Over Shimmer' palette.

The Deluxe Pure Color Eye and Cheek Palette has 12 colors of eyeshadows in it. The eyeshadows are from the Pure Color Envy line in Estée Lauders collection.

The colors of the eyeshadows are:

First line from left to right:
07 : Untamed Teal - 1
10: Envious Orchid - 2
03: Provocative Petal - 2
01: Defiant Nude - 3

Second line from left to right:
03: Provocative Petal - 4
10: Envious Orchid - 3
11: Captivating Cocoa - 1
04: Rebel Metal - 4

Third line from left to right:
10: Envious Orchid - 5
10: Envious Orchid - 4
06: Currant desire - 4
01: Defiant Nude - 5

As you can see there are colors with the same name but another number mentioned in this list, these colors are a selection from the palettes that Estée Lauder allready launched before.

This palette also comes with 2 blushes. These are from the Pure Color collection.

From left to right:
11: Sensuous Rose
17: Wild Sunset

In this palette you can also find 2 applicators. 
They are normal (cheap) applicators, nothing compared to the makeup brushes we normally use to apply our eyeshadow.
Bu these applicators come in handy when you are on a holiday and you don't want to take all your brushes with you.

Second item that caught my eye immediately was the Limited Edition All Over Shimmer palette.
This is a highlighter that can be used all over the face and body.

As a lipstick addict, I love the colors that Estée Lauder chose to put in this giftbox.
These lipsticks are long lasting lipsticks from the Pure Color collection.

From left to right:
- no. 18: Bois de Rose
- no. 16: Candy
- no 50: Hot Copper

Bois de Rose is a Long Lasting cream lipstick. Candy and Hot Copper are Long lasting shimmer lipsticks.

To make every look complete you need mascara and a good eyepencil.
That's why Estée Lauder chose the Scumptuous Extreme - Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara and the Double Wear Stay-in-Place eyepencil to complete this giftbox.

Both of these items come in black.

This is how the mascara brush looks like when you take a closer look.

And of course, you need some skincare before and after applying makeup.
That's why we can also find a 100 ml Gentle Eye Makeup Remover in this box.
This makeup remover is very gentle for you eyes and don't cause any irritations.

There is also a small Advanced Night Repair (7 ml) in this box. This product is amazing after a long working day to repair your skin during the night.

And last but not least, the Revitalizing Supreme global anti-aging creme (7 ml).
You are never to young to start preventing the aging so that's why Estée Lauder has put this product in the box too. Everyone, no matter your age, can use this cream.

This gift box is for sale in all Ici Paris XL stores for only 79,90€.
I consider this as very cheap when you look at all the products you get for this price.
This is a great gift to giva and receive. 
This box is also perfect for anyone who is starting to use makeup, you have a lot of good products for a small price.

My favourite product in this box is the Limited Edition All Over Shimmer palette.
I am addicted to highlighters, nice packaging and limited editions.
This palette combines all three of my addictions :D.

What is you favourite product in this box?

Let's create some more art together!

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zondag 8 november 2015

All about lips - Bellapierre and MeMeMe cosmetics

We, makeup addicts, all have a ton of lipsticks.
But I am (almost :D) sure you haven't seen these yet.
These lipsticks defenitively deserve their place in your stash.
All the lipsticks in this post are animal cruelty free (Bonus!).

Bellapiere cosmetics

The first lipstick is one from the brand 'Bellapierre'. 
Before testing this lipstick I had never heard of this brand (shame on me!).

First of all, the packaging.
The box is very simple. 
What I don't like about it, is that the color on the box is different then the color of the lipstick. 
The packaging of the lipstick itselfs reminds me of the Rouge Dior lipstick. 
Maybe it is because of the squares on the packaging :D

This lipstick is a mineral lipstick, it has been made with natural waxes.
The lipstick is very smooth when you apply it.
It promises to nurish your lips, but to be honest, my lips felt dry after wearing this lipstick an entire day.

MeMeMe cosmetics

MeMeMe cosmetics, oh I love them!
The lipsticks all are made with shea butter which makes your lips very soft.

The MeMeMe lipsticks are very nice. As I said before they make your lips feel so soft!
And that is also noticeable on the packaging. 
The lipstick packaging feels so soft! 
Omg, I love touching them (does that makes me weird?)

The colors are longlasting and have a satin finish, I like satin lipsticks (matte ones make my lips too dry).

All the MeMeMe lipstick have the name of a goddess on the packaging and a quote.
Let's take a look at the quotes:

"The bright and brilliand Elektra, a heavenly
goddess of the clouds, she presided over
the sources of Earth's fresh water"

"The magical Isis, female of the throne
who sparkled with wonder and whose
beauty was no trick"

 "The free spirited Chara, mother of all joy,
extended her bliss throughout the Earth
creating a truly joyous atmosphere"

When you reed those quotes, you have an idea where the goddess on your lipstick stands for.
I think this is very original, it makes us all feel like goddesses.

And most important of all: swatches!

My personal favourites are the Bellapierre cosmetics lipstick in the color Catwalk. This color if perfect for daily use (work, school,...).
For the special occassions I would use Berry Crush from MeMeMe cosmetics.

Bellapierre lipstick is for sale for 17,95€
MeMeMe cosmetics long wear satin lip cream is for sale for 11,50€.

Which color is your favourite one?

Let's create some more art together!

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