vrijdag 30 oktober 2015

Too Faced - Chocolate Bar

Today a post on Too Faced famous palette: Chocolate Bar
OH MY GOD! I love this palette. The smell, the colors, the packaging,... AMAZING!

As you can see the palette looks like an actuel bar of chocolate (almost no difference with the real chocolate on the picture).
It is a nice concept; combining two things women love: makeup and chocolate.

When you open the palette there is a see-through plastic in the palette with the names of the colors marked on it.
And what a smell when you open this palette! It smells like chocolate!
This is because all colors are made with cocoa powder.

Here you can take a closer look at the names of the colors.

When you take the pastic out of the palette, you can take a closer look at the colors.
How great are they?
I allready imagine so many looks I can create with these colors.

On these swatches you can see the 8 left colors from the palette. 
White chocolate is not so visible, but you can compare it to a subtle highlighter color.
Salted caramel and semi-sweet are the only two matte colors in these swatches.

I am in love with the colors gilded ganache and marzipan.

On this picture you can see the swatches from the 8 left colors in the palette. 
Milk chocolate, strawberry bon bon and triple fudge are the only matte colors in these swatches.

From these swatches I am in love with the colors candied violet and champagne truffle.

This palette contains 16 colors in total, 5 matte colors and 11 shimmery colors.
In the box there is also a small 'How-to-glamour guide' with 3 looks in it.
The guide explains which colors you have to use to get the look you like.
Everything is explained with pictures and a step-by-step guideline.

Which are your favourite colors from the Chocolate Bar?

Let's create some more art together!

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woensdag 28 oktober 2015

Tempt and Wow look - A Styletone limited edition

Copyright by Styletone

Styletone has created a limited edition box for all those beauty lovers!
In the box you can find all the makeup you need to create the 'Tempt & Wow look' as shown on the picture above.

In the box you can find all the products you can see on the picture.
Let's take a closer look at all the products.
Swatches of all the products you can find at the end of this post.

The first products I want to show you are So Susan Dual Brow Powder and Vivo highlighting & blush.

The brow powder is packaged in a little box. In the box there is also a small brow brush, which is very handy when you take the box with you and you want to do a little touch-up.
Also handy is the little mirror in the box, everything is just perfect! 

The highlighting and blush from Vivo comes in the color 'Pink Primrose'. I like the fact that you have two essentials packaged in one little box. I like it a lot!

Next up is the Emite highlighting pen. 
What I like about this pen, is that you can use it as a highlighter (but it has no shimmers in it) and you can use it as a concealer (because it has no shimmers in it :D ).

Up next is the Lookx lipstick. 
The lipstick comes in the color Merlot grape (wine red no 97).
This lipstick gives a nice coverage, but you need to use it with a lipliner because the lipstick runs out if you don't apply lipliner first. (I used it with Essence lipliner no 05 - Soft Berry)/

Then wefind the étre belle mascara.
First when I saw the brush of this mascara, it reminded me of the Clinique Extreme High Impact mascara brush.
The difference with the Clinique mascara is that this brush is bended a little.

Tha mascara gives your lashes a very natural look.
Because of the special brush, all the hairs of your lashes are separated very well. I like it a lot.

Now the swatches (and prizes of the products).
I also made a swatch of the lipsticks on the lips because a lot of you guys asked for a lipswatch.

Now let's talk about the prizes;

Emite highlighting pen - € 29,00
Lookx Lipstick (wine red no 97) - € 17,80               
      Etre Belle mascara  - € 16,95
 Vivo highlighting & blush (Pink Primrose) - € 2,95                                  
So Susan Dual Brow Powder - € 15,95         

When we do the math, we have a total of € 82,65.
But the great thing about Styletone is, we can have all these products for only € 10,00 (Wow!)

What do you have to do to get this box for € 10,00 ?
                                         1) Go to http://www.styletone.com/?n=lid&o=101   
                                         2) Register 
                                         3) Go to the webshop
                                         4) Buy your box (and enjoy :D )

What do you think about this Styletone Tempt & Wow look?

Let's create some more art together!

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dinsdag 27 oktober 2015

DIY - How to make your own Z-palette

Everybody knows the famous Z-palettes.
I wanted to make my very own Z-palettes and I wanted to share with you how I did it.

All you need are your mono eyeshadows, empty cd cases and magnetic tape 
(you also need a cutter blade but I forgot to put it on the picture)

We start by taking our cutter blade and our mono eyeshadow.

You place the cutter blade between the pan and the case of the mono eyeshadow 
(as you can see on the picture)

When your cutter blades is between the pan and the packaging of the eyeshadow, you pull the blade a little downwards (you have to do this step very gently). 
The pan comes out of the packaging and you can take it out.

When you did all the previous steps, you now have an empty mono eyeshadow packaging and a pan with your eyeshadow in it.

Now you take your magnetic tape and a scissor.

You need to cut small pieces from the magnetic tape and attach it in the cd case on the places where you want your eyeshadow pans to take their place.

When you did all the previous stepts correctly, you can put your eyeshadow pans on the magnetic tape. They won't fall or move inside your palette because of the magnetic tape.

I sorted all of my mono's and categorized them into different groups by color.
I made several palettes: a blue one, pink one, purple one, grey one, nude one,....
The options are endless!
And because of the magnetic tape you can switch the pans easily from their places.

When you like the Z-palettes now, you are finished. 
But I wanted to decorate them some more.

I took some washi tape and decorated my palettes. 
I've placed the washi tape on the cover of the cd case, but also on the back of it.
When I place the palettes in a rack, I can see which palettes, hold which colors (so easy!)

Will you create your own Z-palette?
How will you make it?

Let's create some more art together!
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zaterdag 24 oktober 2015

Paco Rabanne - Olympea

A few months ago Paco Rabanne launched a new fragrance for women: Olympéa.
Olympéa is the equivalent of the male fragrance 'Invictus'.

Both the fragrances are inspired on the Greek history.
Olympéa is created with a vision of a Greek goddess.

Paco Rabanne created a modern version of this Greek goddess,
In the visuals of this fragrance we can see a young woman with a short white draped dress 
(absolutely gorgeous visual if you ask me!)

On the packaging of this parfume we can see wings on the box.
The bottle is decorated with a laurel crown around it.
A laurel crown is the first thing that pops into my mind when I think of the Greek history so Paco Rabanne did a great job on this bottle in my eyes!

Now let's talk about the fragrance itself.

I think the scent is a sweet but also sensual scent. 
I like it because I am really into sweet fragrances.
Some people say the smell is similar to Lady Million.
I think Olympéa is more floral and more fresh than Lady Million.

In the top notes of this scent we find green mandarin, water jasmin and ginger lily.
in the heart notes we can find salt and vanilla, also called salted vanilla (what a shock! :D )
In the base notes we spot some sandalwood, cashmere (which makes the scent so sensual) and ambergris.

This scent is an eau de parfum, 
which means the scent is a strong one (eau de toilette is more subtle), 
but it also lasts longer that an eau de toilette (it stayed for 11 hours on my skin!)

The fragrance is available in 30ml,  50ml and 80ml.
I like this fragrance a lot, but as I said: I always like sweet fragrances.

What do you think of this new fragrance, Olympéa?
Does it remind you of Lady Million?

Let's create some more art together!

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dinsdag 20 oktober 2015

'Tini Beauty : Liptini

In this weeks post I will be talking about a gorgeous lipstick.
The 'Liptini Glamour Girl'.

The packaging of this lipsticks describes the lipstick as followed: 
"Velvety, richly-hued lipstick brings a shot of red carpet glamour straight to your beauty bar. 
Now that deserves a toast."

The brand has an awesome motto, we should always combine our two favourite things: make-up and cocktails!
That's why they combine the 'Tini in their name.  
'Tini stands for Martini (see the shape of the glass).

There's also other makeup available in the 'Tini collection: Nailtini and Eyetini.

As said before this is the 'Glamour Girl' color.
This color is more of a burgundy-red color.

The Liptini lipstick also has a special feature.
When you have multiplpe colors, you can mix them together like a Martini,
you can design your own color!

The upper shade on my arm is one strike of the lipstick (Tip: also useable as cheek stain!)
The bottom line are two strikes of the lipstick. It is a very subtle yet very nice dark red! 
I absolutely love it!
It is perfect is you're not used to wear dark shades but you want a lipstick that is hot this autumn.
It is a very good lipstick that stays on the entire day (I had to remove it with cocounut oil to get it off!)

This is a special edition lipstick which you can find in this months Styletone Box. 
When you order your box before 31th of October, you can still get this lipstick (and other products!) for only 15€ (in the box you can also find a lipliner that matches this lipstick).
(normal price of this lipstick is 17,95€).

Order your box here: http://www.styletone.com/?n=lid&o=101

Will you be ordering yours too?

Let's create some more art together!

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vrijdag 16 oktober 2015

Clinique - Pink with a Purpose

Do you also feel guilty when you spend too much money on your makeup?
Well, this set is THE ultimate solution for you!

Clinique released a limited edition blush 'Pink with a Purpose'.
This blush has the same color as the famous cheek pop in the color 'Berry Pop'.

In this blush you can see the little pink ribbon, the famous logo for the breast cancer foundation!
This blush comes with a little makeup purse, which is decorated with a little pink ribbon in metal.

In this swatch you can see two shades of pink. 
The upper one is a light stroke of the blush.
To make the color more visible on the picture, I also made a darker shaded with three layers of blush.

It is a very pinky blush, but not too pink when you apply it gently.
I like to use it for my evening looks.

This blush is for sale in the Clinique webshop for 26,60€.
For every sold blush, Clinique donates 3,65€ to BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Foundation).
When you buy this blush, you don't have to feel bad for spending your money,
 it is for a good cause, right :D

What do you think about limited edition collections to support good causes?

Let's create some more art together!

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Calvin Klein (CK) Lipstick

Today a post on one of my favourite lipsticks!
The CK delicious luxury cream lipstick.

This lipstick has a very nice pigmentation and is really easy to wear.
The colors are so awesome!
I love the fact that these lipsticks are also good for your lips.
The CK lipstick nourishes your lips.

The colors I bought are Venus and Fusion.
Venus is a beautiful light 'red-ish' shade wish is wearable on every day, for every occasion!
Fusion is more of a purple shade wish makes your looks more glamorous.

The first swatch you see on the picture is the color Venus.
The bottom swatch is Fusion.
These lipsticks lasts for a long time on your lips and they feel really soft. 
I absolutely love them!

In Belgium and The Netherlands you can buy these lipsticks for 2,89€ in Action stores.
When they are out of stock, or you are from another country, you can also buy them in online stores like Amazon.

My favourite color is Fusion.
Which is your favourite color?

Let's create some more art together!

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zaterdag 10 oktober 2015

Clinique mascara sets - comparing

The stores are getting ready for holiday season!
A lot of gift sets, limited editions,.... take their place on the shelfs...
Finally the mascara sets from Clinique are back! And I will be comparing them in this post.

First we have the 'Lashes to the extreme' set.

In this set we find:

- High impact extreme volume mascara (26,00€)
- Quickliner for eyes intense (21,00€)
- All about eyes eyecream (this is a sample size)

For the entire set I paid 25,50€ (prizes can vary depending on the store)

Another set we can find in stores right now is 'high impact lashes'.

In this set we find:

- High Impact mascara (22,00€)
- Cream shaper for eyes (16,50€)
- Take the day off makeup remover (this is a sample size)

For the entire set I paid 21,60€ (prizes can vary depending on the store)

Now let's start comparing!


As you can see on the picture the mascaras have different brushes.
I prefer the High Impact extreme volume mascara, the brush takes all the lashes and boost your lashes in no time!
When you have long lashes yourself, the high impact mascara will do enough for you.

The High Impact mascara (black tube) is the best selling Clinique mascara! 
It gives you full, long lashes.

The High Impact extreme volume mascara gives your lashes extreme (like the names says allready) lashes.

As you can see on the picture, the normal High Impact mascare gives your lashes a very natural look.
The High Impact Extreme Volume makes your lashes more black, but doesn't look so natural.

An extra tip:

When you like to have a travel mascara, you can buy the High Impact in a smaller version. 
This mascara is an online exclusive on the Clinique webshop (10,00 €)



Th next thing to compare from the sets are the eyeliners.
The quickliner for eyes intense is a very precise pencil. I like it because I don't have to use a sharpener on ths pencil (which only makes a mess).
The cream shaper for eyes is comparable with a kohl-pencil. It is a classical eyeliner that everyone has in their stack.
I also like the cream shaper because it has a soft touch of glitter in it.

The upper line is the cream shaper for eyes, if you take a closer look, you can see the soft touch of glitter (extra glamorous!)

The second line is the quickliner for eyes intense. 
As the name says so, the color is very intense black. Perfect for creating the perfect smokey eye or another dramatic look.


In each set there is another product which are not very comparable to eachother.
So I will just show you guys what the extra products are.

The first extra product is the All About Eyes.
I love this product, it is my holy grail!
This eye cream reduces the dark circles under your eyes, puffs, small lines around your eyes,...
It makes your eyes look so much better!

 The other extra product is the Take The Day Off Makeup Remover.
This is a 'two-fase' makeup remover. 
This makeup remover even removes waterproof makeup!
I absolutely love it!

When we take a look at this two sets, they both have their positive sides!
I think it is really personal which set is best for you and your needs.

I will defenitively buy both sets again.
I use the High Impact lashes (set on the left) for my daily makeup.
The other set, Lashes to the Extreme, I use for my going-out looks or for special occasions.

What is your favourite set?
Let me know!

Let's create some more art together!

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