maandag 21 januari 2019

Valentine Gift Idea : Happy Socks

Happy socks giftbox

Just a few weeks to go, and Valentine's Day is there.
A great opportunity to spoil the ones you love.
In my case I spoil several people, not only my boyfriend.
I also spoil my mom, dad and even my dog with some special treats.
But what can you buy for your special one? 
I'll give you a gift idea in this blogpost.

Happy socks giftbox

You can give your loved one a nice pair of socks.
Old fashioned idea? Not with these socks, this aren't just socks,  but they're Happy Socks.
Why Happy Socks? 
Happy Socks are socks that simply make you happy with their colorful designs.
The two pairs shown above are socks in the size 36-40, these are the one's my mom is going to get.
I really feel like I'll bright up her day with these cuties.

Happy socks giftbox

For my boyfriend I got a special gift box.
This box includes 4 pairs of Happy Socks in the same design in the size 41-46.
I know my boyfriend loves any socks, as long as it are Happy Socks to add a pop of color to his outfit so I can't go wrong with this gift.

Happy socks giftbox

As a gift idea I chose the box in blue, white and red tones. 
These socks are suitable for everyone to wear,
because it are colors that can be matched easily with any kind of outfit.
I really love these socks for men.

Happy Socks classy

My boyfriend combines his socks in classy shoes, but it can be worn with a sneaker too of course.
He was very happy he already got his Valentine gift because I needed to take a picture of the socks on his feet.

If you'd like to buy some Happy Socks yourself, you can buy them right on .

What will you buy your loved one this year?
Is there any chance you'll give a happy pair of Happy Socks?

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dinsdag 15 mei 2018

Yves Rocher - Hydra Végétal

Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal

Hydration is so important for your skin! Your skin mostly exists out of water, so we have to do everything in our ability to keep our hydration level on point.
That's the main reason I was so happy Yves Rocher sent me this Hydra Végétal line to try out.

Hydra Végétal is a line filled with plants that Yves Rocher harvests itself in their fields of La Gacilly. Hydra Végétale has the possibility to maintain the hydration in your skin.

Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal

First step in our skincare routine: cleansing milk.
This is not a regular cleansing milk, this is a hydrating cleansing milk that can be used in the morning and evening.
You can use this cleansing milk onto your face, eyes and neck and you use it like any other cleansing milk: on a cotton pad.

Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal

What I also like to use to take of waterproof products or matte liquid lipsticks (that don't come off so easy) is a express makeup remover.
This is a makeup remover that you have to shake before use.
This makeup remover contains organically-grown Cornflower, which has a soothing action.
I loved this makeup remover to gently but thoroughly remove all my makeup that won't come of with a cleansing milk, and best part of all is: this remover really is so gently for your eyes!

Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal

What I also got from Yves Rocher is a cleansing gel, I am not a big fan of cleansing gel to be honest.
This cleansing gel remover impurities and some leftover of makeup.
You apply this gel onto a damp skin, make circular motions and wash it off.
You can use this gel in the morning and evening.

Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal

What I absolutely love to use lately, are eye creams and especially hydrating ones.
I feel like a lot of people forget to use eye cream in their skin care routine, but it is so important! 
The skin around our eyes is so sensitive and thin, so it has to be treated with a lot of attention and care.

This eye cream really feels refreshing and hydrating, it is actually not really a cream but more like a gel texture.
Important to know: don't apply it on your eyes but only the area around your eyes.

Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal

This hydrating cream gives you 48 hours of hydration! This doesn't mean you don't need to apply cream for 48 hours, but it means that your hydration level in your skin will never know an all time low.
This cream is also a multi-use cream, it can be used as a day cream AND night cream in one!
It feels very light and fresh, as this is like the eye cream also a very light texture that feels like a liquid gel.

I really love all these Hydra Végétal products (except the cleansing gel) that I got from Yves Rocher.

Have you ever tried these products before?
What skincare products do you use?

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vrijdag 4 mei 2018

Filorga - UV Bronze sun care

Filorga UV Bronze

Filorga, one of the brands I adore for their sunscreen, now has released new products in addition to their sun care range.
Filorga has already released some of their sun care products last year.
Filorga had a: sunscreen SPF 50 for the face and one for the body, but they also have a invisible mist spray which is so handy that you can spray it over your makeup.
Let's discover these products together in this blogpost.

Filorga UV Bronze

Filorga UV Bronze Invisible Mist SPF50

As you might know SPF basically is dead after 2 hours.
When you wear makeup it becomes a mess when you want to apply your sunscreen over your makeup.
That's where this spray comes in handy.
It is very light and so easy to take in your purse and you can just spray it over your makeup.
Your makeup will still look as perfect as it did before spraying and you're protected for the next 2 hours.

Filorga UV Bronze Face cream SPF50

This face cream looks like a regular sunscreen, yet it is a little special.
This sunscreen will off course protect your skin from all the damages the sun might cause.
But is also has an anti-aging action (anti-wrinkles) and will protect your skin from dark spots showing up.

Filorga UV Bronze Body SPF50

This protector for the body, is also an anti-aging sunscreen.
It will nourish your skin and regenerates it as well.
This spray will protect you as it should, but when you tan it will provide your skin from a nice bronzed effect, it looks gorgeous!
Fun fact: you can also use this on your hair!

Filorga UV Bronze

Filorga UV Bronze Body Oil SPF30

This oil is really revolutionary, this products will stimulate your skin to bronze nicely.
It has a tan activating complex in it that will stimulate the cells that provide the skin from a nice color when out in the sun.
And off course, this product won't be a Filorga product if it didn't had a anti-aging complex as well.

Filorga UV Bronze After Sun

This after sun also has the tan stimulator complex in it, so this will boost the tan you got without using self-tanner.
This after sun is a gel texture, but it does contain 4 kinds of essential oils to nourish your skin.
This after sun can be used on the face and body.

These Filorga products are for sale at your local pharmacy or at Ici Paris XL (BE & NL)

What do you think about these products?
What sun care do you use?

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dinsdag 1 mei 2018

Nivea - Urban Detox Masks

Nothing better than a mask to detox and relax your skin.
Nivea already had the green mask in the Urban Detox line, but now they are adding two new masks to their range.
Let's discover them with me in this blogpost.

The two new masks that are launched are an addition to the Nivea Urban Skin range that was launched in 2017.
The Urban Skin range has a day cream, night cream and from now on 3 different types of masks.
This Urban Skin range is perfect for the young, dynamic woman that lives in the city and really wants to take good care of her skin.

The mask that was releases last year is the 1 minute mask with white clay and magnolia extracts.
It provides the skin from a real detox effect and reduces the effects caused by stress.
This mask also provides the skin from a deep cleansing and removes the dead skin cells.

This mask needs to be applied on a cleansed skin.
Avoid the area around the eyes and lips.
As the name mentions: leave the mask on during 1 minute and remove afterwards with damp water.

The first new addition to the Urban Skin family is this 1 minute mask that hydrates the skin.
In the city the skin is often confronted with pollution and other aggressions of the same kind, those aggressions will make the skin dry and so the skin needs to be nourished again.
That's where this mask comes in!
This Urban Detox Hydrating mask contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin intensely.

Apply a good amount of product onto the cleansed skin.
Avoid the area around the eyes and lips.
Leave the mask to rest for 1 minute.
After 1 minute massage the mask into your skin and remove the excess with a tissue.

Your skin feels so soft after applying this mask, I really felt like I had a baby skin.

The second addition to the Urban Skin family is this new mask that reduces the pores.
When this mask comes in contact with water, the self-heating proces of this mask will come to action.
Because of the heat, the pores will open themselves and allow the mask to detox them.
This formula has been enriched with magnolia extracts, this allows the mask to purify your skin and eliminate impurities.

Apply the mask onto a damp face and massage it gently in circular motions.
Avoid the area around the eyes and lip.
Leave the mask to rest for 1 minute.
After 1 minute rinse your skin thoroughly with water.

These masks are available in your local drugstore for € 6,99 for a tube of 75 ml.

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woensdag 7 maart 2018

Lancôme Spring Collection 2018 - French Temptation

Lancôme Spring Collection 2018

Welcome in the creative and edgy world of the 'French Cuisine'.
Lancôme has pimped classic dishes into new and trendy designs with flashy colors to match the new designs.
Lancôme created their spring 2018 look with only two keywords in mind 'French Temptation'.
Be ready to dream away of eclairs, macarons, cakes and so many more desserts while we discover these products together in this blogpost.

Lancôme Spring Collection 2018

Lancôme Eye Suger Palette - € 65,00

This eye sugar palette will make your eye look gorgeous and unique because of the special effects these eyeshadows have.
The possibilities are endless with this palette as it includes 10 daring shades: 5 shimmery shades, 2 glitter shades and 3 matte shades.
all the eyeshadows have a powdery finish and are very easy because they become more of a creamy texture when they touch our skin.
This new texture is easy to apply with the brush that comes in this pretty palette.

Lancôme Spring Collection 2018

Lancôme Ombre Hypnôse Le Petit Chubby - € 25,00

This is an eyeshadow stick in a nice pink color.
These eyeshadows sticks were actually launched in 4 shades: Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green.
Le Petit Chubby eyeshadow is very creamy and has a high pigmentation.
You can use them as a base and put some of the eyeshadows out of the Sugar palette on top, or you can use it completely by itself.

Lancôme Spring Collection 2018

Lancôme Le Teint Macaron - € 65,00

The Parisian candy that everyone knows all over the world: the macaron.
There are macarons in all kinds of flavours and patissiers try to be creative with the flavours, 
but it is Lancôme who is being really creative this year.
These Blush&Blender macarons really do look a lot like the real cookies (although I wouldn't eat them).
The plastic macaron contains a creamy blush and the flexible macaron is a blender to apply the creamy blush with.
You will have an amazing, irresistible blush onto your cheek when using these!

Lancôme Spring Collection 2018

Lancôme Jelly Flower Lip Tint - € 30,00

Through the transparent pearly white cap (which reminds of French Porcelain), you see a texture that reminds me a lot of rose jelly.
In this rose jelly you can see authentic rose leafs floating around, which makes this lip tint a beauty for the eye.
When you apply the jelly flower lip tint, it leaves a subtle pink colour with a soft sheen onto your lips.

Lancôme Spring Collection 2018

Lancôme Le Vernis - € 20,50

Lancôme presents their iconic nail polishes 'Le Vernis' in candy toned colors.
I got a smoothie-pink lavender and a candy blue.
These nailpolishes will make your French Temptation look complete.

This look is so gorgeous and such a collectors collection, I really like it a lot.
When watching these products, I absolutely crave for a good dessert.
If you want to get some of these products for yourself, be quick as this is only a limited edition look launched for spring 2018.

What is you favourite product out of this Spring look by Lancôme?

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woensdag 21 februari 2018

Get your glow on!

Get your glow on with Planet Parfum!

 Lately it is all about having the perfect glow onto your skin.
That's why I am here to show you the musthave products to create the amazing glow we are all longing for.
Looking for a nice glow, a dewy finish or a non-sparkly glow? 
I've got everything you need in this blogpost!

Get your glow on with Planet Parfum

Estelle & Thild Biocleanse Radiance Micro Polish - € 27,50

Estelle & Thild is a brand that provides us from organic skincare, that's the main reason why I like this brand so much.
They create skincare that really works, and even make it organic.

This Biocleanse Radiance Micro Polish buffs away dull skin to reveal an amazing glow.
Tiny micro-crystals are used int his cream, they gently polish and exfoliate your skin, without being to agressive.
When you use this exfoliating cream, all other products of your beauty routine will have optimal effects.

How to use?

Use this Estelle & Thild cream after your cleansing products, even up to 7 days a week.
Gently massage it onto a moist skin. be sure to avoid the eye area!
Lastly your rinse your face with some warm water and you're done.

Get your glow on with Planet Parfum

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Perfector (€ 37,90)  & Soft Light (€ 31,90)

From Make Up For Ever I got two products: a perfecting foundation and a liquid highlight.
First I'll talk about the foundation, as that one is applied first.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Perfector is a new kind of foundation. It will not be an high-coverage product, but a foundation that will instantly blur and perfect your skintone.
This foundation gives your skin a healthy and luminous finish, what I like a lot!

The Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Soft Light can be compared to a liquid highlighter.
This products gives you skin an instant luminous glow with a soft sheen in it.
In this product there are 'mother-of-pearl' particles included, these particles are the one that will give your skin that subtle sparkle-free glow.
Important to know, is that this products can be used alone or mixed with a foundation.
I prefer to use it alone myself, as I really like the glow this product gives my skin.

Get your glow on with Planet Parfum

Elisabeth Arden 8 hour Cream - € 40,90

This 8 hour cream by Elisabeth Arden is like a skincare legend these days.
I already had this 8 hour cream in the handcream version but I was curious to try this one out as well.

This cream can be used the way you want it yourself.
Yu can use it to moisturize and protect anytime and anyway you choose.

You can use this cream to shape your brows, smooth cuticles and nails, sunburn, abrasions,...

I like to use it to give my skin some more shine.
I apply the 8 hour cream after my foundation to create that soft dewy look, that we also call strobing nowadays.

Get your glow on with Planet Parfum

In the picture above you see the products as they come out of the tube.
The textures are really nice, and what I also noticed is that the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Soft Light already has that nice glow over the product.

Get your glow on with Planet Parfum

In this picture you see how the products turn out when you apply them on your skin.
You can even see that the 8 hour cream by Elisabeth Arden really gives a nice dewy look.

When you're interested in these products, they're exclusively sold at Planet Parfum.

What product is your favorite out of this shiny list?
Or what do you use to create that nice glow on your skin?

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maandag 22 januari 2018

Why choosing extensions? - OxY Extensions

Since my last blogpost about my hair extensions in September, I got a lot of questions from you guys why I choose to wear extensions. 
And that is exactly what this blogpost will be aboutwhy choosing for hair extensions. 

am absolutely not blessed with amazing hair. I have few and thin hair that doesn't grow easily. 
As a girly girl I always wanted to have long hair like all the role models you see in movies, series, popstars,.. Every famous girl had long wavy hair in my eyesand I also wanted hair like that. 

That was the moment I decided I needed to have extensions for myself. But there are many kinds of extensions available. I choose for clip-in hair extensionsYou can remove them whenever you want to and they don't damage your own natural hair (very important for me as my hair isn't from great quality at all). 

used my extensions so much, I am so satisfied I purchased them. I used to do a lot of photoshoots for a modelling agency, and for every shoot I wore my extensions as if they were my real hair. It delivered some great shots like you can see in this blogpost as I included some of the pictures that were made. 

But having clip-in extensions also has other advantages: 

1) Immediate length 
You want to grow your hair just like me but your length won't go as long as you wished?  
You cut your hair and miss your long hair?  
Well extensions are perfect to create instant length in your hairdo! 

2) Volume like never before 
When you have very thin hair without any volume, you can use extensions to create more volume in your hairdo.  
In only 5 minutes you have that Hollywood volume you've always wanted. 

3) No damage  
Like I mentioned before, sewed in extensions can really damage your own natural hair.  
But with clip-in extensions from OxY you won't have that damaged hair!  
You just clip them in whenever and wherever you want and your natural hair will keep on growing like it used to before. 

4) Very light  
I have to admit, there are a lot of clip-in extensions on the market so what does make the OxY extensions differently? 
Well these extensions are so light that you won't feel them when they're clipped in!  
I like this feature a lot because too heavy extensions really cause some serious headaches for me. 

5) Invisible 
It doesn't matter what angle you're looking from, you won't see the difference between real hair and the OxY extensions. 

used extensions from the website OxY extensionsand I am very satisfied about the quality and their service. I really recommend these to all of you. 

Have you ever thought about wearing extensions yourself? Or do you have extensionsIf sowhat kind of extensions do you prefer wearing? 

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